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Patterns, Design, And Overall Business Strategy

Many organizations are complex and unyielding to casual analysis, but there are some methods available that can help discern the manner in which organizations are structure and operated. To gain some fresh insights into this area, this paper that presents the author's conclusions concerning the patterns, designs, and overall business strategy depicted by a business model canvas including a discussion about metaphoric and framing applications. A summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues are presented in the paper's conclusion.

It is possible to view complex organizations according to a number of different perspectives and it is important to do so in order to subjectively discern the intricacies of its business model and operations. In this regard, Gareth Morgan reports that, "People who are open and flexible and suspend judgment are able to recognize several perspectives, which open up several rather than only a single possibility for dealing with organizations and their problems" (n.d., p. 1). The ability to recognize several perspectives includes the metaphors that are in place. For instance, according to Van Engen (2008), "Metaphor is a multifaceted literary device that assists in illustrating complexity and in expressing clarity. Metaphor helps to compare the value of variables and to expose creativity. Using metaphor enhances communication and, according to Morgan (1997), is a valuable tool for leaders/followers in organizations" (p. 39).

In addition, Bolman and Deal (1991) conceptualized four different perspectives, or what they term "frames" that can help develop a better understanding of organizations' leadership in terms of its structural, human resource, political, and symbolic aspects. According to Bolman and Deal (1992), organizational leaders tend to over-rely on the structural, human resource and political frames to the exclusion of the symbolic frame. Therefore, organizational leaders should give more attention to the application of symbols and their meanings in order to improve the satisfaction levels of their subordinate's psychological…

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