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Career Plan

My career objective is to become an achieved sales manager through the use of communication, administrative, and bookkeeping skills. As a sales manager, I will utilize these skills and proved techniques to ensure better customer service and generate more revenues for the business organization I will work for. In order to achieve this, I have undertaken some education related to sales management and gained experience by working in various companies and/or institutions. I graduated in Experience High School of Guangdong in June 2008 and later joined Mission College in Santa Clara, California. I graduated from Mission College with a GPA of 3.7 in Associate of Art in Business math and accounting principles. Since August 2013, I have been a student in San Jose State University, California where I expect to graduate in Fall 2015. I expect to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a major in corporate government. I have also worked in various companies where I have gained experience relating to sales manager position including Mayflower Restaurant, 99 Ranch Market, Montague Hills Dentistry, Mission College, and Marina Grocery.

2. My choice of career has been influenced by the major experiences that I have had in my life in the past few years. I selected the sales manager career because of my passion to contribute towards organizational growth and productivity through using better techniques to ensure improved customer service. I have received skills in bookkeeping, administration, and communication, which are crucial towards working as a sales manager. These varying skills include operating a cash register, recording sales transactions, answering phone calls, maintaining office appearance, assisting in a dental office, fluency in various languages, and serving as a peer counselor at college for 2 years. Besides, I like organizing and helping institutions achieve desired goals, which are crucial factors in being a sales manager.

3. As part of the process of identifying determining whether a sales manager position is suitable for me, I conducted a personality test based on Myers-Briggs personality typology. The typology test showed that my personality is ISTJ, which were accurate since they represented a proper reflection of who I am. ISTJ is a personality type of people who are responsible organizers and are motivated towards creating and enforcing order within organizations and systems. ISTJ's or duty fulfillers tend to be neat and orderly and develop procedures for all their actions, which make them reliable and dutiful ("ISTJ in a Nutshell," n.d.). My areas of strength include ability to organize, tendency to develop a well-thought out plan for actions, ability to work for long periods of time, and dependability. The areas that need improvement include emotional intelligence and the need to create balance between work and other important aspects of life such as family.

4. My ten-year career goal is to obtain a significant and challenging position as a sales manager where I will develop and excel in business administration processes. The position should provide me with a basis and scope for personal and professional growth in business administration, particularly corporate governance. I would like to work in a position where I make the most of my potential and identify new horizons and opportunities that contribute to further professional growth through combination of 10 years academic and active experience. Within the next 10 years, I see myself working in an international institution or company where I manage the sale of products and/or services across countries or various markets throughout the globe. My work will entail developing effective strategic and action plans towards increase in sales and earnings based on organizational business objectives. In this case, I will utilize my academic and field experience in bookkeeping, administrative, and communication functions in a manner that contributes to organizational productivity.

5. My career timeline involves working as a Store Team Leader (General Manager) at Target, which is an entry level career position. This position will provide a platform where my


As a Store Team Leader (General Manager), I will lead an average of 200 team members towards generating increased profitability for the company and enhancing store outlook ("Store Management," n.d.). During this process, I will work towards developing executive and store teams towards the realization of a successful business.

My expected job in my career in 5 years is to be a business administrator given my experience in business administration, particularly corporate governance. A career as a business administrator would entail developing and carrying out organizational goals, processes, and policies, overseeing the financial and budgetary processes of an organization, and managing activities relating to products and/or services. The career would also involve evaluating sales reports and financial statements and identifying ways to generate improved sales and earnings.

My expected job in my career in 10 years is to be a sales manager where I will be responsible for directing the distribution of products and/or services to customers. The job would entail developing sales targets as well as establishing short-term and long-term sales goals. Generally, a sales manager position involves overseeing the sales of a company's products and/or services within a specific geographic area.

6. The achievement of this career goal in 10 years time requires academic and field experience in order to ensure proficiency in the various aspects related to sales manager position. The required education to achieve this career goal includes a university degree in marketing or business studies. The requirement of a university degree is because of the need to develop skills related to business administration, and understanding the various dynamics related to sales management. Moreover, companies that hire sales managers are constantly looking for individuals with skills in business administration, finance, statistics, record keeping and data management, and sales skills.

7. In addition to educational requirements, a career as a sales manager also requires work experience in order to achieve career goals. Actually, most employers in this field are usually looking for individuals with a minimum of seven years related experience in industry, service sector, or manufacturing or the equivalent mixture of formal education and experience. Relevant experience in this field or other related sectors is needed because it provides necessary problem-solving and analytical skills for interpretation of sales performance and information relating to market trend and statistics. Work experience helps the individual to develop proven ability to lead and motivate the sales team, developing sales and marketing strategies, and various communication skills.

8. Apart from the required educational and work experience, achieve career goals as a sales manager has some additional requirements. These requirements include collaboration with operations manager in development and proposal of the best optimal sales goals and establishment and management of effective programs relating to sales elements. This career would require skills in bookkeeping as well as administrative and communication skills. I have already developed skills in these areas following my work experiences in several companies and institutions. I would need to obtain experience or training in manufacturing and industry sectors in order to enhance my competence in sales management. The additional coursework or skills that would help me achieve my career goals are trainings provided by professional bodies related to marketing, sales, and other related courses.

9. While my career timeline would help in achieving my career goals, life changes could affect my career path and ability to achieve these goals. One of the life changes that could affect my career path is financial resources, which could extend the duration it will take to achieve these goals. For instance, lack of enough financial resources in the future could affect my education, which will in turn affect my career path. In this case, I would take longer to achieve my educational goals and progress towards realizing success in this career. Secondly, life changes such as leaving the United States to my home country for an unknown period of time would affect my career path since I currently study in the United States. This would affect my career path by interfering with my education and any other step I have undertaken to achieve my career goals. Third, life changes like marriage and starting my family would affect my career path since I will need to focus more on my family and put more efforts towards achieving a balance between school, home, and work.

10. The achievement of career goals requires establishing measures to ensure accountability and evaluate success. I will evaluate my success in this field based on whether I will be working in the specific job within the 5 years and 10 years plan. The career timeline for 5 years and 10 years act as the pillar for determining my progress in this field and crucial indicators on my journey towards becoming a sales manager. In order to keep myself accountable, I will establish yearly goals for progress towards my career goals and conduct periodic and annual review of my initiatives towards achieving these…

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