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Integrated Marketing Communications

Communication being an important element of organizations needs to be integrated in all areas of working so that the purpose, the goals, objectives, and the mission with which the organization is formed are achieved successfully. The concept of integrated marketing is applied everywhere in the world by almost more than half of the organizations. Out of which many are the renowned brands who precisely used their marketing communications to build this spot for themselves. The marketing communications require that all concepts of marketing communication come together to combine as synergy and perform one unified function for building the brand. Integrated marketing communications has been a long gone concept used by the famous brands and the reason why not all brands are successful at implementing is that it takes a critical analytical approach to understand how the different communications combine together with what ratio to form a strong competitive force. This is not an easy task when you have to communicate the value of your products or services and you want to build the focus upon clients using all means to create the perfect circle for your customers. Integrated marketing communications strategy can be planned in a way when an organization decides to identify and understand the needs of its customers. This can be done by interacting with the customers through efforts made by the quality of content delivered on time (P.Cornelissen, pg., 67,2001). Clarity of service and concepts, consistency in quality provision and timing plus appearance of the message you are communicating. These factors if delivered correctly can be worthy in eliminating any sort of confusion that could be building on the other side of the big picture. The recognition of your brand through this way will enable you to establish a quick connection with your customers. Integrated marketing communication encompasses a strong marketing mix, which develops the needed strategies, and contingency plans in case of failure of a certain strategy (Hughes, pg., 34, 2007).

Price, distribution, advertising and promotion with customer service are the centers of focus in an integrated marketing communications planning. The planning defines what your target market and your targeted audience would be. With this approach, development of objectives, budgets, analyzing of any social, competitive, cultural or technological issues is conducted and evaluation of the effectiveness of the promotional strategies is made. Unless all these operations are conducted with ethical mindset, the company will not be able to approach its customers properly and will not earn the recognition of their targeted audience (Lorsch, pg., 55,1967).

Body: The reasons why integrated marketing communications is so important this because of the development of more contact points, specialized media, customer power and wide spread sue of internet. In old times, marketing was solely acquainted to advertising means through radio and television broadcasts but now in present times, several points disseminate the information. A person to people marketing has emerged in the recent years as a strong concept. People talk about a product or service, they convey their feedback to the family members or friends or acquaintances around them, and this is how a product or service is marketed throughout. This is how an efficient IMC planning focuses on covering all these aspects of information delivery by enhancing customer service, direct marketing, after sales services etc. with the advancement of media, the niche marketing segments are also reachable by any organization. IMC planning focuses on using the media as means of attracting those market segments through interactive ads and videos to keep them captivated with the product concept (PICKTON, pg.,1999). Similarly the widespread use of internet and development of social media networks have given an opportunity for organizations to target their audience all over the world and develop effective strategies to communicate the right message on right time through IMC planning.

Integrated marketing communications planning as stated earlier is the core ingredient in any successful recipe of renowned brands of the world. One such…

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