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Internship Philosophy

The philosophy of an internship does not always meet the actual internship experience or the individual's expectations of the employment as many internships can become a drudgery of tasks that no one at the company wants to do and the owner/supervisor does not want to pay anyone to do. Yet, opportunity to see the inner workings of a company is an essential aspect of the internship that must be harbored beyond the idea of "free labor." Internship supervision and review is essential to this process. One of the ways in which this review can occur is through the development of works such as this that require reflection of the experience.

As an intern I made contacts that I would never have had before and learned a little bit more about multi-national business, an area of great interest to me. If I seek employment in an international firm, domestic or otherwise after graduation I will look upon this experience as the core reason for doing so and as a basis for understanding how multinational marketing works. Multinational, i.e. global work environments are the future of marketing and business and internships are one of the only ways that many people will ever experience what that means without making costly professional decisions regarding long-term international employment. The internship becomes then an integral step in marketing professionals seeking and learning about what it means to be a marketing professional in a global business world. All marketing majors should do at least one internship as students and where resources allow it should be stressed that a global internship would be preferable and at the very least a multinational company internship that operates domestically.

Defining Moments

The realization that brand history and investment is a huge part of future actions and standards of marketing operations is a possible epiphany in an internship. This occurred for me when I was archiving retired brand materials for the potential of later use and at the very least later recognition and reference.

The realization that most people have the same needs and desires no matter their position in life or work is an essential and likely defining characteristic of first work experiences as an intern. It is possible that people will share more with you than they would another employee as you are not a permanent employee with political investment in the company.

The individual may realize the purpose of some obscure educational aspect that they did not understand before. Application of educational tools is an essential first work experience.

Conversely the intern may find that some educational tools or concepts are obsolete and therefore in need of overhaul in concept if not application in their education.

Lastly, an intern might experience the observation of the dynamic pattern of business, how individuals and departments work together to solve a problem or develop a new idea.

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