Intervention Plan Strong Leadership: The Thesis

Professional development conferences and motivational speakers will be integrated into the teacher's regular school year. Scientifically-based intervention programs: Students in need of extra help will receive structured attention and individuated tutoring outside of the classroom. For young at-risk students, parents will be directed to Head Start before their child enters school, so the student can gain grounding in the basics and not fall behind. Curricula from year to year will be scaffolded -- i.e. build upon previous learning. Summer school resource aid will be available for students who need or desire this, to minimize summer 'learning loss.'

Parent involvement: Parents will be required to attend teacher conferences....


Parents will be asked to volunteer their time to chaperone school functions and field trips. Also, parents can play a creative role in school life, coming into lecture about ethnic or religious holidays, their jobs, or to teach the students cooking, crafts, and other activities.
To sum up:

Teachers must have defined, rather than vague goals for student performance.

Teachers, administrators, parents, and children must all feel appreciated, and know that every person involved in the educational process is working together.

Creative and fun educational strategies that foster student enthusiasm can and must be combined with scientifically validated approaches to teaching students the basics.

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