Interventions And Their Impact On Stakeholders Conclusion

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¶ … Future Research

Implications for practice (i.e. what practitioners can learn from these findings in order to enhance their practice)

The findings from the research are showing that there are a number of effects which are directly related to interventions. However, the reality is that certain amounts of flexibility must be applied throughout the process. To achieve these larger objectives a number of different areas are recommended. The most notable include:

Interventions are important by identifying the significance of major transformations and how they can be introduced. This helps someone to learn how to understand the individual and the best ways to encourage them to change. These practices can be utilized in a professional or educational environment.

The data is showing that these programs help the person to grow and become more involved in work / school.

Interactions are formed with faculty and mentors forging a strong bond.

Analyzing the program helps to identify challenges and create new techniques using the best practices. (Newman, 2012)

For practitioners, this is providing a basic strategy they can follow for conducting interventions and adjusting with the changing needs of the individual. While at the same time, it allows them to improve the strategy and encourage the person to see these benefits of these changes. This is when they are willing to follow their advice and will look at the practitioner as mentor and friend. Over the course of time,...


(Newman, 2012)

Areas of future research that could further test or build upon the findings.

To enhance the research in the future, it is essential to corroborate the conclusions with an independent study. One possible area is to measure these impacts by surveying practitioners and those individual who experience interventions (i.e. The person, their family and friends). This will help to identify the long-term impacts of these practices on everyone. Once this takes place, is the point the underlying trends can be compared with each other to understand what is happening from a larger perspective.

The methodology will focus on using comparative research and analysis. This is when there will be clearly stated objectives and it will define what constitutes conflicts of interest. The most effective avenue for addressing these challenges is to examine certain sources in conjunction with specific procedures. This helps actuaries to maintain a sense of neutrality.…

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Newman, P. (2012). Bracketing Qualitative Research. Qualitative Social Work, 11 (1), 80-96.

Wiles, R. (2011). Innovation in Qualitative Research Methods. Qualitative Research. 1 (14), 41-60.

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