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¶ … male and female are fraught with controversy, while some believe that behavioral and thinking differences between male and female are based on cultural differences, other people argue that the biological factors largely lead to sex differences. In reality, argument on thinking difference between men and women is very complex, often conflated and confused. Several evidences have shown male and female's brains differ in function and structure, however, there is no precise evidence how these differences affect and female behaviors or thinking differences between male and female. By consequence, gender variation is often misappropriated and exaggerated by mass media to perpetuate myths and reinforce stereotypes.

Objective of this study is to investigate whether there is a difference in the way men and women think. The study also discusses the physiological differences in the men and women's brains.

Argument on Thinking and Brain Difference between Male and Female

The size of the brain is the most obvious difference between men and women. The brain of an adult male individual weighs between 11 and 15% larger than the brain of an adult female. Moreover, male head is approximately 2% "bigger than the female head." (Graber, 2007 p 186 ). A comparative analysis between the brain of 42 male and 58 females reveal that the brain of a male individual weighs approximately 3lb (1,378g) compared with women brain that weighs 2.75lb (1,248g). These differences emerge after comparing...


The difference makes many men be taller and larger that female individuals, however, the differences do not reflect differences in thinking and intelligence between men and women.

On other hand, Witelson, Beresh, and Kigar, (2005) argue that the heredity largely contribute to the brain size because the hereditary volume of an individual's cerebral hemisphere is 65%, frontal and temporal region are tied to 90% in heredity. Moreover, the total of white or grey matter in the brain is tied to the 85% of heredity.

Moreover, the brains of men and women differ in overall composition. In essence, male brain contain a large proportion of grey matter compare to the brains of men that have higher proportion of white matter in the wider part of the cortex. In essence, the cortex of women brain is thicker than the cortex of men brain. (Costandi, 2013). The brain structure of male and female also differs. The hippocampus, which is a structure that involves a memory formation is larger in men brain than in the women brain.

Fig 1: Brain Connections of Female (lower) and Male (upper)

Source: (Lewis, 2013).

As being revealed in Fig 1, women brains are connected between hemispheres while men's brains are connected within hemisphere. The results may make men having more ability in motor skills, while women having more ability in intuitive and analytical thinking. (Lewis, 2013).

Despite the difference identified in the male and female brain, there is no substantial evidence that these differences have led to the difference in the female and male thinking ability or difference in intelligence. A correlation between human intelligence and thinking behavior is not related to sex difference; however, thinking behaviors or intelligence of an individual whether male or female is related to the combination of environmental and genetic factors. Typically, brain histology, physiology and neorochemical level lead to a variation in intelligence.

Graber, (2007) points out that "no area of the male brain is more complex than the…

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