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Terrorism: ISIS Imminent Threat to America

The ISIS ("Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham") is an Islamic State of Iraq, simply known as Islamic state. Since 2010, the Islamic group has seized Mosul and is controlling a territory larger than the United Kingdom. The Islamic state is an extremist's militant group proclaimed calipahate led by the Sunni Arabs in Iraq. By March 2015, the ISIS has occupied a territory of more than 10 million people. Apart from controlling some part of Iraq, the ISIS is also controlling Syria and limited territory in Libya and Nigeria. Moreover, the group has affiliates in some other part of the world in the Southeast Asia. Over the years, the United Nations and the United States have held the ISIS responsible for various war crimes, and act of terrorisms. Typically, the United States and more than 60 countries have waged war against the extremist Islamist group. However, ISIS has used an act of terrorism to achieve their aim globally, and their imminent threats have been centered on the United States. Moreover, the ISIS has released a provocation video drawing the United States into a fight. Although, threat of ISIS terrorism against the United States is low, however, human costs of ISIS threats are becoming an imminent threat of terrorism against the United States.

Objective of this paper is to discuss the ISIS imminent threats to the United States.

ISIS Imminent Presence or Threat to America

Terrorism is an act of violent threats intended to create an act of terror with a deliberate target of non-combatants such as civilians and neutral military personnel. Over the years, ISIS has exerted the act of terrorism across the world, which has become an imminent threat to the United States. Maloof, (2015) points out that ISIS is an imminent threat to the U.S. homeland and the U.S. border. In the last few years, the ISIS infiltration into the United States is great because some U.S. extremists are using the transit hub to join the ISIS. A committee set up by the U.S. Congress between 2004 and 2007 asserted that the ISIS operation is an imminent threat into the United States. At present, the ISIS has become the brutal enemy of France, Middle East, and Africa, and an increased act of terrorism perpetuated by the ISIS has become an imminent threat to America. One of the senior officials of the U.S. Department of Defense reveals that ISIS is a major threat to the United States and the U.S. should be more vigilant about the threats on American citizens home and abroad. (Maloof, 2015).

For example, the Ciudad and El Paso, who are the Mexican drug cartels are smuggling the ISIS terrorists into the United States using the porous Mexican-U.S. border. Some unidentified sources also reveal that some ISIS is using some officials of Bureau of Land Management to smuggle ISIS members into the United States. Saxena, (2014) supports the argument of the previous authors by pointing out that some members of the ISIS

are "operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other VBIED (vehicle born improvised explosive devices)." (Saxena, 2014 p 1).

Jeffrey, (2015) provides a similar argument by pointing out that ISIS is dangerous group and has been a violent extremists group. Their aim is to inflict harm on America and other advanced countries. By consequence, the ISIS has become a threat to the U.S. territorial integrity, which the U.S. government must confront. Elliott, (2014) contributes to the argument by pointing out that ISIS has become a threat to America because of the act of terrorism perpetuated by the ISIS around the world making the President Obama to approve a limited airstrikes on Iraq Islamic States in 2014. The author believes that American city can be in flame because of the act of terrorism carried out by the ISIS. The Senate Intelligence Committee also reveals that ISIS is posing a real threat to the America because the ISIS group is recruiting some people in the United States and other advanced countries to commit act of terrorism. Thus, lack of action or folding of hand is not an option; the United States should carry out an airstrike on the Islamic states to prevent an imminent terrorism on America.

After September 11, 2001 when some group of terrorists attacked the twin Trade...


government used a military action against Iraq in order to combat the act of terrorism. After the attack on the U.S., the American has the choice of fighting the terrorism to protect American population since ISIS is getting stronger. Typically, the ISIS has attracted thousands of men around the world with the goal of using the terrorist acts to destroy the United States.

In 2015, the United States heightens a security at the Hall of America when the Somalia-based terrorists diffuses a video of their intention to attack the Mall of America. (Susan 2015). The posted video asked the Western Muslims around the world to answer a call to attack the Mall of America owned by the Jews. Apart from the threats of terrorism in the United States, the ISIS also threatens to attack Malls in Canada, and London. The biggest terrorist threats on America are the threats on Mall of America of Bloomington, which is the biggest mall in the United States. Typically, the mall is a 4.87 million square feet, and occupies a space of approximately 2.77 million square feet with more than 520 stores, 50 restaurants, several departmental stores and Nordstrom. Yearly, 42 billion people visit the mall and four out 10 people visiting the Mall are tourists.

A major ISIS terrorist threat on the American territorial integrity happened when al-Shaba, a group of terrorists diffused a 77-minute video describing their intention to attack the Mall of America. It is essential to realize that the presence of Jews in the United States is a threat to the American territorial integrity, and the Jewish Canadian-Iranian family owns both the West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America. After the video has been diffused, a tight security was heightened to protect the large shopping mall. It is essential to realize that a video threat to attack Mall of American is a real ISIS Imminent threat to America and if the threats have been successful carried out; millions of Americans and foreigners will lose their life. Although, the threats have not yet been implemented, however, different terrorist attacks carried out all over the world serve as a real threat to the United States. Apart from the U.S. population, the United States also receives million of visitors from different part of the world and if the ISIS has been able to carry out their threats successfully, the results will have several economic effects on the United States.

Although, the U.S. government has implemented different military tactics to protect American territorial integrity, however, Mark, Eric & Mark (2014) believe that ISIS has a long-term goal against America with intention of inflicting fear on Americans. The ISIS aspires to wage war against America using the act of terrorism. The greatest fear of the American government is that ISIS has continued to inspire an act of radicalism on some group of American extremists. Typically, some group of Jihadists is having the American passports and ready to fight along with ISIS. Some Americans infidels could support the ISIS to commit the terrorist acts.

Despite the ISIS imminent threats on America, the American intelligence still believes ISIS does not pose an imminent threat to the American territorial integrity. President Obama still refuses to accept that ISIS is a threat to America, and believes that "ISIS is a manageable problem" (Saxena, 2014 p 1). In 2014, Obama described the ISIS as a "Junior Varsity" that did not pose a threat to the United States. Obama described the ISIS as a militant group engaging in various power struggles across smaller and weaker countries. However, some military intelligence believes that ISIS can pose a threat to the United States if left unchecked. While some Congress members believe that ISIS activities are of little significant, however, a real fact is that ISIS is a real threat to the American homeland. The ISIS has been fomenting a goal to attack America similar to their violent ambition in Iraq and Syria. Although, some Americans have suggested the American government should carry out an air strike to eliminate members of the ISIS,

"Many American officials warn of the potential danger of a prolonged military campaign in the Middle East, led by the United States, and say there are risks that escalating airstrikes could do the opposite of what they are intended to do and fan the threat of terrorism to American soil." (Mark, Eric & Mark, 2014 p 1).

Although, the American government is desisting from attacking the Islamic states, however, the U.S. government has formed the intelligence officials and American counterterrorism to monitor political speech and threats…

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