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Current Affairs

At present, the conflict continues. In September 2011, Palestinian officials petitioned the United Nations in a unilateral bid for statehood. However, their efforts failed as they were summarily unsuccessfully in securing the nine votes needed in the 15 member Security Council to garner approval (Haaretz, 2011). Moreover, the United States has already indicated a veto of the proposal once it is made. In addition, Britain made it known that they would abstain from the decision according to UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. The dissent posited by President Obama and the UK's Foreign Secretary is reportedly reflected of the sentimentality of many world leaders who maintain sensibilities regarding Netanyahu and the fluctuating position of the Israeli government on the international stage.

However, although unsuccessful in September, the Palestinian Authority was granted full membership at the cultural agency of the United Nations', and are seeking membership of the World Health Organization as well as 15 smaller United Nations agencies, reported by a source in the foreign ministry to include The International Labor Organization, The United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organization, and the International Telecommunication Union to name a few. According to sources, the motion that admitted the Palestinians was passed with more than 100 votes in favor of, 14 against, and 52 nations abstaining. Some of the noted countries that voted against Palestinian membership included Germany, Canada and the United States. As a result of the Palestinians approval to UNESCO, President Barack Obama made the decision to terminate funding for the cultural agency. The withholding of funds and opposition to membership, according to Victoria Nulan, a spokesperson for the State Department, is a long standing congressional restriction on UN bodies not recognized as a state (Haaretz 2011).


The conflict between the Israeli's and the Palestinians has transpired over many centuries. Reportedly, the foundation of the conflict can be traced to the rise of national movements such as that with Arab nationalism and Zionism founded, in part, on the European and Middle Eastern, to a lesser degree, Jewish populations desire to return to the Promised Land or the Land of Israel with the reestablishment of the Jewish Nation....


Although there have been a number issues that have played a part in this conflict, some of the primary points of contingency have and continue to be borders, water rights, security, control of Jerusalem, mutual recognition, Palestinian freedom of movement and Israeli settlements.

Many reportedly good faith efforts have been made in an attempt to come to a peaceful resolution of this conflict. Currently, the process of peace has been predicted on a "two state solution" that according to the most recent surveys has garnered decreasing levels of support among Palestinians. Reportedly many Palestinians believe Israel to not be genuine in their stated interest in achieving peace, but are much more interested in continuing to maintain control over particular territories including the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea (Dershowitz 2005). Conversely, many Israelis reportedly believe the Palestinians are not honest with regard to their intentions and desire to completely conquer the Palestine region and Israel. It is not clear, given the number of reports and opinions, exactly what the true points of contention are today.

Although the Palestinians have experienced some recent successes, particularly in receiving full membership with UNESCO, there continues to be trepidation posited by many world leaders as to the continued war between the Israeli's and Palestinians that has endured for many years. It would seem that until such time as that matter reaches some resolution and the country avoids economic collapse, worldwide recognition as a state and recognition as an international country will not manifest.


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