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Secured real time protocol (SRTP) is also being identified to enhance the security parameter of WAN and LAN network elements. "SRTP provides protection with encryption keys for wired and wireless networks including bandwidth limited channels." (Guillen and Chacon 2009 P. 690). There is also a growing use of IP secure to protect organization from the interception of data over the LAN and WAN environment.

To enhance network security, Chen, Horng, & Yang (2008) postulate the use of public key cryptography. While there is a growing use of public key cryptography, there is still a shortcoming identified with the use of public key cryptography in the LAN and WAN environment. Since the public key is being kept in a public file, it is possible for an active intruder to forge the contents of the public key and use it to get access onto the data kept within the network system. To overcome the shortcoming identified with the public key cryptography, the private key cryptography is proposed because it has continued to gain recognition in the WAN and LAN security environment.

"The public key is normally used for encrypting messages and is publicly known while the private key is used for decrypting messages and is kept secret. However for generating ? digital signature, the private key is used to sign ? message that can be verified by the corresponding public key" (Murthy & Sudheendra 2008 P. 690).

With the importance of the private key, the security of the private key is important because there could be an unauthorized access to data, if the private key is compromised. The shortcoming of a private key is its large size because it may not be possible for a user to remember the private key each time it is required. Moreover, a sophisticated network attacker could exploit the password-based encryption. To address the shortcoming, the authors propose the use of a biometric security system to enhance the security of cryptographically strong key system. The benefit of a novel biometric-based technique is that a user does not need to "regenerates the private key by using his password, fingerprint and information stored in ? smart card." (Murthy & Sudheendra 2008 P. 690).

Based on the review of the previous work, the study provides the rationale of the project and analysis to arrive at deliverables.

1.3: Project Rationale

The rationale behind the project is to enhance the quality of service delivered by the Oak Creek Healthcare. Based on the project implementation, the company also aims to implement the cost effective and error free healthcare service using the latest technology. The company also aims to achieve better accuracy and higher productivity as well as breaking the distance between patients and physicians using tale-consultancy. Typically, Oak Creek Healthcare attempts to improve its efficiency through the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to store patient information and automated medical records.

More rational behind the project is as follows:

Use of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) to provide physician and nurses real time support for diagnosis of patients and treatment.

Electronic materials management (EMM) to track and manage the company inventory medical supply similar to the enterprises resources planning.

Reducing medication errors, which may lead to adverse drug events.

Assist the company to decrease dosage errors

Prescription of drugs more precisely with improved accuracy

Promoting patient safety and reducing medical errors

Implementing wireless systems to improve the communication system within the organization. (Medipac, 2004).

More rationale behind the project is as follows:

Enhancement of competitive market advantages for Oak Creek Healthcare.

A State-of-the-art operating centers at Fairfax and Miami and Fairfax.

Best and latest network support within the organization.

Database system to store company records and patient information.

High speed network connectivity across Fairfax and Miami.

VoIP at Fairfax and Miami sites for unparallel communication.

Scalable Local Area Network at Fairfax and Miami center.

Flawless WAN interfaces to connect Fairfax and Miami center

Secured internet and extranet connections for...


Hostlinks telecommunication provides system design for Oak Creek Healthcare in accordance with the design methodology, and the Hostlink makes use of Private IP to sustain WAN connectivity for the company. The WAN makes use of provisioned router and a Cisco 7204 to support multimedia as well as maintaining future system development. The Cisco 7204 consists of 4-slot that allows Oak Creek to support multiple protocol as well as connecting LAN across WAN interface.

The WAN design consists of 155 Mbit/s OC-3 circuit being provisioned by the Hostlinks telecommunication to enhance network connection of:

Fairfax Virginia Data Center

Miami Florida Data Center

The Ethernet Gigabit is used to establish LAN connection because of its superior scalability, manageability, its affordability and its ability to provide high quality of service. The WAN and LAN routing protocols consists of Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) to allow summarization on interface basis. The EIGRP is also implemented to provide support for the network connection for Oak Creek Healthcare. The LAN architecture of each center consists of Cisco 6509E. For the secured access, the WLAN (Wireless local Area Network) is connected to WLC (Wireless LAN Controller), and there is an implementation of UPS to maintain constant power supply.

IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and firewall are integrated in the network system to enhance the network security. The system also incorporates anti-virus in all the company computers to achieve secured communication and system security. The Cisco router is used for the WAN connection, and the Cisco 7200 is used to connect the 6509E through dual copper Gigabit in order to establish the Ethernet connection. The Gigabit Ethernet of Cisco 7200 is connected to port 5/2 core switch to establish network connection.

B. Project Goals and Objectives

Based on the project development, Oaks Greek Healthcare has attempted to achieve its goals and objectives. However, there are still listed goals and objectives that the organization has not been able to achieve. Some of the listed goals that the Oaks Creek Healthcare has been able to achieve are as follows:

1. Assisting the Oak Creek Healthcare to achieve competitive market advantages with the increase of market shares by 34%:

In the contemporary healthcare sector, the integration of it has proven to be an effective tool to enhance market advantages. While it has been an effective tool to enhance market shares within a healthcare sector, there are still small percentages of healthcare providers embracing network technology to achieve market advantages. Based on the gap identified within the healthcare sector, Oak Creek Healthcare will take the advantages of new technology to increase the market shares by 34%. Through the implementation of new technology, the organization will be able to improve the quality and safety of patients. The report provided by the Medipac (2004) shows that the huge costs of design and implementation of latest network technology has been the major setback that makes many healthcare providers to be unable to integrate the latest network technology to enhance the quality of the service. Thus, the implementation of the latest technology will make Oak Creek Healthcare to enjoy following benefits, which makes the organization to achieve increase in the market shares.

Infrastructure: The company has been able to make use of wireless network to enhance communication. The company has also been able to employ the new technology for the drug transcription using voice recognition system. The new infrastructure has also enhanced the service of physicians as well as overall organization because Oak Creek has been able to employ new inventory control to increase the company market shares.

Administrative Billing and financial: The new technology has been able to improve the billing system within the organization. The waiting time before a patient will see a physician has been greatly reduced since a patient could rapidly pay online, and the system has increased the total number of customers patronizing the organization daily. The new technology has also facilitated patients' registration, and personnel payroll. With the introduction of these new devices, the organization has been able to enjoy increase in the market shares.

Clinical: Within the clinical settings, the computerized order entry for drugs and electronic health record offer improvement on the method the company implements test because the new system has integrated error-alert transcription that is used to reduce and eliminate errors in the clinical settings. With the Clinical Decision Support Systems, the organization has been able to monitor patients electronically. With the implementation of the new system, the company has been able to increase the market shares by 34%.

2. Enhancement of the efficiency of Oak Creek employees

The new project has been able to enhance the efficiency of employee through the creation of electronic health record (EHR). The EHR is the electronic file that integrates text, image, voice and handwritten notes in the electronic file for…

Sources Used in Documents:


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an approach using simulated annealing. Annals of Operations Research. 36: 275-298.

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