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There is only a small moment of this doubt in the Gospels, when Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemene wishing that he did not have to die. However, in this movie it is more than that. Jesus does not really understand what message his death will send, and he is just hoping that his death will have an impact. This Jesus also feels that helping people is trapping. He is disturbed to some degree by the hoards of people wanting his help, when he is
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surrounded by the lepers and ill people wanting healing. However, in the Gospels Jesus said that those are exactly the kinds of people he wants to be followed by: the ill, not the healthy, and the foolish, not the wise. His feelings of being trapped in the movie are more like those experienced by a celebrity being pursued by the Paparazzi than by Jesus. The final difference is that "Jesus Christ Superstar" is told from the perspective of Judas, not from the point-of-view of someone who actually believed. There is this sentiment that Jesus is somehow wrong, that…

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