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Capital Funding and Promotions

Part 1 The business idea that will require early-stage funds to get started involves creating a web-based publication to cover the burgeoning information technology industry. An estimate of the amount of start-up capital needed to fund the venture for one year is approximately $500,000 dollars. The funding required for this venture would involve paying a finite amount people to work on the site. Most of these employees, however, could work under 1099 contractor status. Still, the efforts of a managing editor (to oversee the site), a copy-editor, and a pair of freelance writers to generate and refine content would require a significant amount of the aforementioned capital. Paying people well attracts quality individuals. The majority of that capital, however, would go to the purpose of advertising and marketing and attracting clients to advertise on the site. An initial point of such marketing is to have various subject matter experts throughout the industry blog on the site for free, and then attain corporate funding.

The first source I would utilize to attempt to procure funding for the aforementioned venture in this document is Trinity Capital Fund II, LLC. The second one is Alpine Investors IV SBIC, LP. In terms of the ease with which I could procure funding from the former firm, I would evaluate my chances with a 7 on a scale of 10. This rating largely pertains to the fact that there is no preferred maximum or minimum amount of funding that they issue and its status as an SBIC (Bloomberg, 2015). The fact that these such pivotal parameters are in place alludes to the fact that this firm is open-minded,...


I would evaluate the ease with which I could get funding from the latter company at a 5 since they have a maximum funding of only $20,000 (Small Business Administration, 2015).

Part Two 1) There are both pros and cons to bootstrapping an entrepreneurial enterprise while either working full time or part time. When considering the former of these options, the principle benefit is that the employee is able to make a creditable amount of money, which he or she can dedicate in part to his or her venture. Some of that money, of course, must cover necessary living expenses. Still, the financial benefits of this option exceed those of working part time. The principle detriment associated with the full time option is that doing so monopolizes a good deal of the entrepreneur's time and energy. Thus, there is much less time and energy to devote to the enterprise. The main benefit associated with bootstrapping while working part time is that one has affair amount of time and energy to devote to one's enterprise. Conversely, he or she has less financial power to fund such a venture.

2)There are a couple of things that a new entrepreneur can do to most effectively manage his or her personal credit prior to beginning a business in order to qualify for bank loans and other sources of funding. Firstly, such a person can make a habit of regularly paying his or her bills -- especially those which apply to sources of credit and loans early. Doing so greatly reduces the amount of interest such a person will pay over periods of time, which will help to expedite the payoff process as well as save money for that person. Paying off loans, off course, and having low balances reflects positively on one's credit rating. Additionally, such a person should also attempt to consolidate his or her credit cards so that he is…

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