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They are so much into the material gains of this world that they forget what the religion that they are preaching teaches. Muhammad lived a simple life where he never accumulated any wealth. There would be days when his household would not have any food to eat. Whatever money he would get from the booty of the wars, he would distribute it among the poor rather than accumulating it. Another remarkable quality of this leader was the simplicity with which he lived his life. He would mend his own shoes, repair his own clothes, and also indulged in normal household work. With the spread of Islam Muhammad was like the king of Arabia yet he possessed absolutely nothing and lived like a normal man in a small house. He never built any palaces nor spent wealth to buy the luxuries of life. Amazingly enough he would even sit on the floor rather than some comfortable couch. Such was Muhammad, a model of humbleness and simplicity.

The Quraish and the Jewish tribes often planned to wage war on Muhammad and eliminate him and Islam once and for all. In the battlefield they would receive a blow when Muhammad, who would take the role of an army general, would march with his comparatively small army and crush their forces. It was not the bravery that makes him a good leader but it is the rules of engagement which he taught. He would instruct his army that under no circumstances can they kill non-combatants, women, children or ever animals. He even prohibited them from destroying trees or the worship areas of people from other religions. Further he also instructed them that if soldiers of the opposing army surrender then it is the responsibility of the Muslims to give them safe passage to their lands.

One man changed the entire face of Arabia and the world today. He walked this earth 1400 years ago yet today we have masses turning to his teachings. They love him and respect him and hold him as their role model. A remarkable definition and description of what a…

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