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Language and Social Grouping

Language is used differently in different geographic groups, ethnic, age, gender, and socioeconomic groups (Williams, 2010). Geographic groups use the same languages in different dialects that belong to the particular geographic regions. Within each language are many different dialects that have been formed with different geographic locations and cultures.

Shared words, experiences, cultures, and expressions are ethnic and shared elements of the social fabric. Language of a common gender and age is a common part of that shared experience. Age of individuals accounts for place and shared experience in society. The style of language used reflects someone's age. Individuals within the same age, gender, and geographic location would use language different from other groups with different ages, gender, and geographic locations.

Language reflects education and socioeconomic status. Individuals in different
...The level of education also determines how language is used in various groups. Individuals with a college education will communicate languages differently than someone with no college education.

There are variations in language that helps to establish various dialects (Karr, 2010). Three components help to understand language variation. The linguistic environment is the language environment a child is raised in. The child will learn the linguistic environment of the parents or the persons they are raised with. As the child grows the linguistic environment will change depending on the geographic location the child goes to and other factors, such as the socioeconomic factors. Syntactic parameters are parameters that communize different aspects of language. Different languages construct the grammar in different ways than other languages. The third component is endless variations. There are no set directives that keep…

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