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Leadership and management are two different concepts. Management is involved with the operational oversight of employees, departments, or processes, while leadership is involved with leading the company through organizational changes that are intended to enable the company to meet its objectives. Leaders, as are expected to carry themselves in a positive manner to motivate and influence the rest of the organization positively, because they act as an example to the rest of the employees in the organization.

Since leadership is mainly influenced by the behavior, different leaders apply different strategies to ensure that the objectives of the company have been fully met (Sheahan, 2006). This paper therefore analyzes the difference between leadership and management, and ways of cultivating leadership skills in managers that benefits the organization. The paper also explains how managers can set effective expectations for their employees so as to increase the performance of the organization.

Leadership skills in managers that benefit the organization can be cultivated in various ways. The skills can be cultivated through an intentional actions brought by the managers themselves. It can also be cultivated by observing those leaders who are very effective in their work, and then implementing some new organizational strategies in the leadership role as indicated by Harvard Business Review (2012). This can be done by interviewing innovative leaders and successful strategies since this is the way one can gain new ideas.

Asking successful managers who serve as mentors gives one an opportunity of asking questions, listening to them and gains confidence as a leader. Reading of books and articles that are published by successful leaders also provide some useful insights that are applied to the leadership objectives.

The other way of cultivating leadership skills in managers that benefit the organization is presented within the management positions. Learning something requires a trial-and-error method which helps most leaders to discern effective strategies. To be more strategically in what one does, it requires thinking of a long-term potential of that business. Forming of new partnerships as well as, outsourcing people from other…

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