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History Of Vietnamese Society

Vietnam is one of the peculiar countries in the history of nations. One of the most selling stories of Vietnam is the case where it defeated the United States in a war that the Super Power had initiated. At that time, it was almost unheard of for a country (small as Vietnam) to defeat the U.S. In any war. The country is also known for the resilience and determination of its people amidst the economic and political challenges that the country has been facing for a long time (Buttinger, 2010). This study discusses the issues of two special leaders who lead both the North and South Vietnam during the period of first and second world wars. These two leaders are Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem. In this paper, the lives of these two leaders are discussed and related to the fortunes and losses that the Vietnam Republic encountered under their stewardships.

The life of Ho Chi Minh

He was the leader of Northern Vietnam. Born to an influential family, he was not good in class and had to drop before graduating. He...


This gave him an opportunity to learn one or two things about the western powers. Consequently, he tried using all the knowledge he gathered while in France to address the dire situation leadership in Vietnam. His father was a real nationalist, and he took some lessons from him. He had a burning desire to liberate his country from the French colonial rule (Corfield, 2009).

His history was mystic in nature. It was not clear to the people when and how he was born. He only chose to identify himself with the peasants. He could be seen taking photographs posing with the less fortunate in the society and appearing like them. This gave him thrust as a man of the people interested only in liberating them. It gave him a boost in his political endeavor. Having been well traveled, aggressive, and popular, he managed to be the leader of northern Vietnam (Levine, 2013).

The life of Ngo Dinh Diem

He was a political leader in the south of Vietnam. Unlike his northern counterpart, he was a very sharp student in school and even went ahead to lead in his class. He is known to have been a softer person as opposed to the hard-liner in the North. He schooled within Vietnam, right in the north where he was born before heading to the south with his parents, where he finally became the leader. His parents were devout Catholics who were among the first Vietnamese to convert to it (Levine, 2013). He was aware that French…

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