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(3) According to the Multiple Intelligences Survey, I have quite a bit of intrapersonal and interpersonal intellegence and a moderate amount of musical and kinesthetic intelligence. This makes sense because I enjoy analyzing people and situations; and, I decided to leave my old job because I was bored sitting still behind a desk and not talking to anyone for most of the day.

As I was enjoying the surveys so much, also I took Kolb's Learning Styles Inventory and discovered that my learning style consists of doing and feeling or what Kolb would abbreviate as "CE/AE." When these findings are placed on the two-by-two grid by Kolb, my learning style is accommodating. An accommodating learning style is often times referred to as a "hands-on" style and one that relies upon intuition over logic. In fact, these findings also did not surprise...


This does not surprise me because I have to be able to visualize something in my head or I won't remember it. This could be a function of aging or my lack of gingko biloba, but I do believe that if I am allowed to move, to pace, or to tap my feet, I will generally retain the information better.

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Codde, PhD, J.R. (2006). Using Learning Contracts in the College Classroom. Michigan State University.

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