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Learning Philosophy

The ability to learn is one of man's most important talents, and, in order for one to improve this capacity, the respective person needs to focus on enriching his personal experience through any means available. Similarly, the respective person has to acknowledge that learning should be something that one longs for, regardless of the fact that many individuals tend to end their education after they finish high school. Learning should not be considered as being something exclusively connected to education, as people can gain important information from a series of environments other than educational institutes. Teachers are mainly responsible for the way that learners amass information, thus meaning that they have to develop methods of having students learn individually and on account of their personal values. Moreover, students need to be influenced in seeing learning as something positive and as something that they should gladly take on. In order for this to be possible, teachers have to focus on activating internal motivators in students rather than taking on the mission of external motivators themselves.

The contemporary society regards educational institutes primarily as places where teachers, information, and students interact. In order for education to be more effective, the first two elements have to act in agreement with the third. Classes need to focus on students,
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as only by doing this will the system eventually be able to have individuals understand their responsibility in regard to learning. The information that one processes will affect the respective person's future and it is essential for all learners to understand this. Depending on his or her dedication to learn particular information, one is likely to experience positive or negative results in the future.

Teaching has advanced greatly in the recent years and most teachers have come to accept that their role is very important in shaping young people's personalities. A teacher is no longer required to simply pass on information to students in hope that this would encourage them to learn. Instead, teachers need to come up with ingenious techniques of instructing students, as only by doing this will learners be enabled to fructify information. Environment is very significant when considering one's ability to gather information within a deadline. Learning environments have to provide students with the perfect conditions for them to want to study. Knowledge is unlikely to transfer to students as long as teachers are not actively involved in the teaching process. A faultless learning environment is the solution to a successful generation of students.

Teachers have to make students feel that they negotiate what, how, and when they…

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