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Training Development: Evolution of the Design

Training Development: Evolution Desing

Training Development: Evolution design

Training Development: Evolution design

Training and development of employees is an activity that is performed by the Human resource. It is aimed at enhancing the performance of groups and individuals in an organizational setting. Training is focuses on evaluating the performance of an individual while carrying a given task (Brown, 2002). Training and development is the practice of providing workshops, mentoring, coaching, training and other learning opportunities to workers so as to inspire, motivate and challenge them to perform tasks assigned to them. Training and development provide workers with tools of enhancing their professional developments and effective working with families. This increases their knowledge and building the personnel capacity to carry out tasks associated with the positions assigned to them in the organization. This report endeavors to explain about the evolution of training and development as well as compare and


Therefore, there has been a change in the requirements for information and knowledge within that system.

Compare and contrast training and development in the two eras

In the use of traditional methods, most organizations believed that training of employees was not a worthy course and that it was very expensive. They also believed that managers and skilled employees were born and not trained. However, in recent times organizations have realized that training is a retention tool and not a cost. The training systems of most organizations have been changed to yield better results and create a smarter workforce.

Differences between the two eras

In the traditional approach, companies mainly used theoretical approach in the training and development of employees. This is because it was seen as a waste of time and money to engage the workers in practical training. On the other hand, organizations have invested in new technologies and techniques that allow the dissemination of data, knowledge, and…

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