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The Corporation must have cross-boarder transactions. Which of the following would be classified as Cross-Boarder?

(a) a merger wherein at least two companies are governed by the laws of different member states

(b) the conversion into an SE of an existing company that for at least ONE year has had at least one subsidiary in another member state

(c) the formation of a parent company where each of at least two of the companies is governed by the laws of different member states.

(37) What is the minimum share capital required to convert to an SE?

(a) 120,000 Euros

(b) 200,000 Euros

(c) 300,000 Euros

(d) There is no capital requirement to convert to an SE

(38) the process of registration includes the following EXCEPT:

(a) Bank Accounts must be established after notarization of the Articles of Association

(b) Cash Contributions must be paid AFTER corporate registration

(c) Directors must sign the application in person

(d) All of the above are part of the registration process

(39) the Articles of Association must include the following:

(a) the type of shares issued

(b) the number of shares

(c) the nominal value

(d) the number of shareholders

(e) a and B. only

(f) B. only

(g) All of the above

(40) a German Stock Company can have three corporate bodies. Which of the following is not part of the three?

(a) Managing Director

(b) Supervisory Board

(c) Compliance Department

(d) Regulatory Liaison

(e) C. only

(f) C. And D. only

(41) the Managing Director must do which of the following?

(a) Ensure the company maintains proper accounting standards

(b) Ensure the company maintains the required capital

(c) Sign off on all audited financial statements

(d) Conduct shareholder meetings

(e) C. only

(f) D. only

(g) C. And D. Only

(42) the Supreme Legal Body within a Corporate is?

(a) Management Board

(b) Board of Directors

(c) Shareholder's Meeting

(d) Regulatory Liaison

(43) Which of the following is NOT a duty of the shareholder meeting?

(a) Approve Financial Statements

(b) Partition Shares

(c) Replace Management

(d) Granting of Power of Attorney

(44) How many members of the Supervisory Board are required?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 6

(d) 10

(45) Under SE structure the corporation can have a one-tiered or two-tiered system. Under the two-tiered system the components are what?

(a) Management and Compliance

(b) Shareholders and Board of Directors

(c) Shareholders and Management

(d) Management and Supervisory

(46) Under Delaware Code a General Partnership passes 100% of the liability to the shareholders. Which form of liability under German law is similar?

(a) Liability before Registration

(b) Liability of Controlling Shareholders


Consider the following; an English Shipping Company and a Company in Kuwait have a contract dispute. The contract is in English, uses English legal terminology and states that disputes are to be resolved in London. Would the court…

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