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Firstly, in Piagetian manner, the subject is confronted with a moral dilemma, that is, a short story in which two or more moral principles oppose each other. He or she is asked to make a choice. Secondly, the interviewer uses intensive probing, that is, why-questions, and questions which stimulate the respondent to consider varying situational contexts. Thirdly, stage scoring of interview is based on well conceived and meaningful measurement units.Through the confrontation with moral dilemmas, the subject is stimulated to consider moral norms rather than merely technical knowledge of solving a problem (most people suggest a technical solution first, which seems an appropriate strategy in most every-day decision making).(Kolhberg)


There are six levels of leaders, according to the combined works of Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohberg, and Robert Kegan. Research shows the majority of leaders are level four leaders or level five leaders. Level four leader 'Achiever' is categorized as exceeding whatever goals are set forth, always reaching for the next level up, never satisfied with the status quo. Achievers typically do not look at the long-term goal they do not see the "broader picture." Achiever's thrive on attention and need regular affirmation of their good work. Level five leaders 'Builder' focus more on long-term goals. They are less "immediate" goal-oriented and do not need constant affirmation. The end result is level five leader's primary focus. The rarest leaders are level six leaders 'Transcendent'. It is almost impossible for a leader to attain the feats necessary to be a level six leader. To attain level six, one must be totally selfless, always putting the needs of others first and foremost.


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