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That is, the desire for power, wealth, greater comfort, etc. will always incline some towards the breaking of the social contract and towards the exercising of their right under the second law of nature to have what they can take, and there must be a means of addressing these contractual transgressions if the contract is to have any integrity and install a lasting and reliable peace. An absolute sovereign, Hobbes contends, is the only way to achieve this, as this sovereign would be imbued with the authority to seek out and to redress...


The threat of punishment from the monarch enforces the contract, and the sovereign keeps the rights of everyone to everything at bay by promising its own application of this right in the form of imprisonment or other punishment should transgressions be noted. In this manner, the laws of nature -- which again, are not ethical guidelines but simple rational inevitabilities like the laws of physics -- can be utilized to ensure peace, whereas without this absolute power to punish transgressions and breaches of the social contract there would be only the base functioning of the laws themselves and a consistent return to the brutishness of a life without order and consensus.

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