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¶ … life cycle is best for your project?." It was authored by some entity referred to as ExecutiveBrief. The article focuses on the development life aspect of project management, which is actually the type of methodology employed for developing a project prior to its movement to the production stage. This topic is extremely important in the field of project management, particularly because there are a number of different development models that individuals and organizations can choose to employ. It is vital to understand one's options relating to this pivotal area of project management, as well as the various factors that influence the selection of the model type. The authors have included a great deal of this information in the article which makes it fairly dense yet readable, and of extreme utility to a number of different people.


The individuals who are potentially affected by this topic include, most eminently, project managers. It is essential for them to realize that they have a plethora of choices for actually implementing the development life cycle of whatever project they are working on. However, this article would also be of interest to others who work with project managers, such as virtually anyone...


Reading this article would help these professionals to understand the decision-making process of their project managers, as well as to understand why they decide to take or forsake the particular approach that they have. Finally, development life cycle also affects the individual workers who are laboring on a particular project. It helps them to understand the overall scope and strategy for implementing a project in its development stage.


In my opinion, this article is extremely well written. Initially, I thought that it was written at a relatively high level. However, after having completed the entire article I realize that the article started off broad and giving a somewhat perfunctory overview of life cycle development in order to lure the reader in and provide more detailed, in-depth information. The principle reason that I would label this article as being written well is because of the insight it yields into three different types of project management life cycle development: waterfall, iterative, and agile. There are numerous others, of course, but virtually all of them can be conceptualized in one of three different categories to provide a utilitarian degree of meaning…

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ExecutiveBrief. (No date). Which life cycle is best for your project?

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