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As they share a common bond in the underlying struggles and challenges that they are wrestling with. This is significant, because it shows how the ice age would force people to work together, to overcome the various weather related issues that are having an impact upon their lives. ("Paleolithic") The use of various types of tools / technology would change the way humans would live their lives. This is because, the ice age would force everyone to utilize new survival techniques that were often not focused on. Prior to the ice age, most humans were considered to be hunter and gathers. This meant that they would often rely on killing various types of animals, as their way of providing food and clothing for themselves. At the same time, humans would often gather various fruits and berries to consume. Once the ice age began this would all change, as the total number of animal species would decline. At which point, the overall supply of food and resources that were utilized in the past would become less. This would force many people to begin to farm various crops in southern areas, as way to augment their food supplies with the traditional hunting and gathering methods. This is important, because it shows how the ice age would take humans and help them to create permanent homes in these areas. Over the course of time, this would cause a shift in the how humans would interact in the world around them, as they would become more focused on agriculture and building stable societies / communities. Once this occurred, it meant that modern civilization would begin to take shape, as this structure would form the foundation for life as we know it. ("Paleolithic")

At the same time, the ice age would help to push humans to develop fire. This is important, because this invention would provide man with: a weapon, tool and a way to keep warm. As a result, this would change life in the future, as fire would help to provide a way of coping with the elements. This is important, because without the use of this tool, the number of people who survived the ice age would be significantly less. ("Paleotlithic")

The overall diet of humans would change during the ice age, as there were less animals and plants to live off of. This would help to force many people to begin growing their own food and the kinds of meals that they would eat. As there was an emphasis of combining the meat from hunting with the various vegetables / fruits, which are providing a more balanced diet. This is important, because it would have an impact upon the lives of the individual, as this diet would help to improve their life expectancy. At the same time, the emphasis on growing various fruits and vegetables would have an impact upon the social structure, by forcing many people to establish permanent locations. This is significant, because it shows how the change in diet would have an impact upon the way many people would live in the future. As they would slowly become more domesticated, resulting in a change in the way they would eat and the kinds of foods that they would consume. ("Paleotlithic")

When you examine these different factors, it is clear that the ice age would have a dramatic impact upon the lives of humans. Where, it would force people to begin moving south, in an effort to avoid the harsh weather conditions that are being experienced in the north. At the same time, this would create a shift in the way many people would live their daily lives. As they no longer were focused on the hunter / gatherer type of lifestyle. Once this began to take place, it meant that an increasing emphasis would occur: in having everyone working together in various groups, the utilization of technology / tools and a change in their diet. These different...


Where, this would move humans away from living a traditional nomadic lifestyle to one that was more settled. As result, it can easily be argued that the changes that occurred from the ice age would establish this social foundation that would be utilized around the world. This is significant, because it shows how the ice age would be an event that would start, based on survival and would augment itself into a change in daily life. Clearly, life would change dramatically during the ice age. As this event would have a dramatic impact upon all life on earth. Where, the changes in the Earth's temperature would cause it to become very volatile by having variations of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This is problematic, because it meant that in many areas which are further north, there would be an adverse impact upon them. This would have ripple effects on the entire ecosystem, as various plants and animal life could no longer be able to sustain itself in these areas. To escape these changing conditions, many animals would begin to migrating south; in an effort to find the food and resources they need to survive. This would force humans to follow them to these various ice free zones, as the hospitable climate would allow everyone the ability to find the food and resources the needed. Once this began to take place, it would create a shift in human culture, as the strategies from the past were abandoned for new ideas. This is significant, because it shows how the ice age would serve as an event that would force humans to move to other locations, in an effort to overcome the harsh conditions.

However, these changes would require a shift in daily life. Part of the reason for this, is because the shifting weather conditions, would mean that humans would have to learn how to adapt and survive in their new environment. This would cause a change in the way people would interact with one another, with them forming various groups to help support one another and pool their various resources together. This is important, because this would help to establish various tribes and ethnic groups that share a common sense of traditions as well as culture. The initial experiences that were taking place would help to cement these traditions over the course of many years. The use of technology would have an impact upon daily life, by focusing on how these various tools innovations could improve the lives of humans. Where, these would help to increase their ability to hunt, build shelter and farm. At the same time, fire would be used a weapon, a tool and as way to help overcome the harsh weather conditions. The warm temperatures in the various ice free zones would provide an environment that people could begin growing their own food and augmenting their choices in diet. This would have an impact upon the lives of everyone, as there would be a wide variety of choices to eat and greater flexibility in how they can be able to maintain their resources. When you put these different elements, together this is highlighting how the ice age would create shift in life as we know it. Where, humans would begin to move away from their hunter / gatherer lifestyle that had been embraced for a significant amount of time. At which point, they would become more settled and would establish various communities / social support organizations. This is important, because it highlights a shift that is occurring in daily life. As there was more of an emphasis on having some kind of stability and managing the various resources, to deal with the adverse affects that are taking place. As a result, one could argue that life during the ice age would create a fundamental shift in how humans would evolve, by establishing the foundations for modern civilization.


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