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This is a very important concept that has not been touched upon in the book but can actually serve as an impetus for good in one's life.

Religious counseling is an important field and one that works on the same principles as general counseling but integrates religion into it. When a Christian counselor works on the mind of his patient/client, the key objective is to align them to the teachings in the scripture without intimidating the client. In other words, it is the job of the counselor to learn as much as he/she can about the behavior, values and attitude including mindset of the client by providing a trustworthy and comfortable environment. Focus is placed on facilitation of communication where the client talks feeling completely safe in the presence of the counselor. He is given the maximum opportunity to express his views on various things in order to seek his religious values or stance on different things. This helps the counselor understand how deeply the client understands religion and if he does, are his values benefiting him, are they in alignment with his actions etc.

It is important to understand here that in most cases, people who seek counseling through religious counselors are looking for a way to reconcile their beliefs with their actions or with what they logically understand to be true. Any conflict that arises between these components would ultimately have an impact on a person's actions and personality. To cure the person, this conflict has to be removed. Understanding why a person believes a certain thing and why he acts in a certain manner can do this. In some cases, the client may actually be acting in accordance with his religious beliefs but may still be countering serious conflicting thoughts. This happens when religious teachings have been accepted blindly and the person actually has different take on the subject. For example many people may actually want to support abortion under certain cases but since religion doesn't allow it, this person may have to subscribe to a view that doesn't actually sit well with his personal thinking. This is where conflict arises and a person has to learn to reconcile religious beliefs with his own views. That's where a counselor comes in and acts as the bridge between the two conflicting thoughts.

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