Local, State And Federal Partnership: Terrorism National Essay

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Local, State and Federal Partnership: Terrorism

National Response Framework (NRF)

National Response Framework is a document that guides and presents an integrated national rejoinder to emergencies and disasters stipulating how all hazardous responses are conducted by nations (Alperen 2011). It deals with the large catastrophes and the smaller incidences. A comprehensive approach is established to respond to domestic incidences with the framework spelling out key responses that are principle, as well as the structures and roles that organize national response. Clear description on how States, private sector, Federal Government, nongovernmental organizations or partners and communities use these principles for an effective and coordinated national response are included. Moreover, the NRF shows specific circumstances whereby the Federal Government exercises a larger role involving federal interests and catastrophes where significant support is required by the state. Therefore, the NRF provides mechanism and structure for the National-level policies in regards to incidents management (www.fema.gov/NRF).

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

This is a nationwide comprehensive and systematic approach to management of incidents. The document includes Public Information, Multiagency Coordination...


In addition, NIMS provides a proactive approach that is systematic to guide agencies and departments at all levels of Private, governmental and nongovernmental sectors to respond to, prevent, recover from, protect against and mitigate incidences effects regardless of size, complexity, location, or cause with an aim of reducing loss of life, harm of environment and property. NIMS therefore provide guidelines for incident management.

Joint Command Center (JOC)

This is an intelligent center for control and command, which manages multiagency preparation for investigative response and law enforcement with the aim of accrediting terrorism threat.JOC, can be established to organize multiple agencies, jurisdiction and coordination in critical incidences. It has…

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