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Jack attended Cambridge University, and obtained a 'first' in history. He did then attempt to join the army, but was rejected as physically unfit. While at Cambridge, he contracted a very violent case of pneumonia, which weakened his constitution. To this day, Jack says that he is bitter, never having served in the army. At present, Jack teaches history as well as leads the choir at one of the most famous public (private) schools in all of England. He is known as an unsparing taskmaster and disciplinarian of the young boys, although the head of the school praises Jack, noting that he is one of the most dedicated teachers in the entire school.

Jack never married, which may be partially attributed to the difficulty of maintaining a relationship with a woman at a boarding school where schoolmasters have many duties supervising the students outside of the school environment. While at university, he dated several women on a serial basis, but never established a long-term relationship with any of them.


Simon has shown the most unusual evolution of all of the young men who have returned from the island. His hallucinations began to abate after he entered puberty, and Simon elected to enter the Church of England, believing that he had a religious calling. At present, he is working in a Church mission in Africa that provides aid to the sick, and is trying to improve the basic physical conditions of people living in England's former colonies. Although the mission has often faced difficulties, including poor sanitary conditions, and attacks by anti-Western demonstrators, Simon remains unusually upbeat about his ability to do good work, and to survive in the world. He is married to an Englishwoman who also works at the mission, although they do not have children at present.

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