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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies.  Writing about it, however, can be difficult because of how complex the play actually is.  To help get you over the hump, try this Macbeth essay outline and see what a difference it can make.  We break one aspect of the play down into its most important parts—how Macbeth’s ambition is exploited by the witches, and how his weakness is exploited by his wife to get him to become a king-killer. 

Below is our basic essay outline template that we use for creating our example outline for a Macbeth essay.  After looking over the template be sure to examine the example that follows for more details on how we would put this essay together.  Keep in mind that all good essays and outlines should center around a single main point.  So while there are a lot of different things you could say about Shakespeare’s play, we’re looking at just one specific topic—Macbeth’s pursuit of power.  Enjoy!

Macbeth Essay Outline Template

I. Introduction

a. Ask a question about the play that is likely to get the reader’s attention.

b. Briefly allude to the answer by noting some important details from the play that will support your main argument.

c. Finish with your thesis statement—the main point that your essay will make that answers the question and that is supported by the details highlighted above.

II. First Supporting Paragraph

a. Begin with a topic sentence that introduces the main point of the paragraph.

b. Support the topic sentence with relevant details from the play, including quotes from specific scenes or literary analysis from scholars.

c. Use a transition thought to prepare the reader for the next supporting paragraph.

III. Second Supporting Paragraph

a. Same as the first paragraph, begin with a…the witches to find out how he might maintain his power.

b. Having abandoned his own use of good reason, he relies on theirs.

c. For that reason, Shakespeare concludes the play by showing Macbeth’s decapitation.  His pursuit of power has been without the right use of his own sense, a fact represented by his loss of his head.

V. Conclusion

a. Macbeth pursues power out of ambition, temptation and weakness.

b. He has the opportunity to stop the pursuit before he falls from grace.

c. Once having determined his course, however, he goes all in and pays the price in the end.


Our Macbeth essay outline should help you figure out the basics of identifying the main point of your paper and bringing in the relevant details to support your argument.  Designate one paragraph to each supporting topic and you’ll do great.  Our essay outline example focuses on…

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