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Magic Johnson and HIV

Science knows that although HIV can transition into AIDS, it does not automatically become AIDS. Magic Johnson, new president of the Los Angeles Dodgers and a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, was diagnosed with HIV several years ago. One of the immediate responses from Magic Johnson's body (with HIV) was the weakening of his immune system, which made him -- and makes all HIV-positive patients -- susceptible to the following infections and cancers:

Tuberculosis: an infectious disease "caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis" (Medical News Today).

Salmonellosis Enterocolitis: a very common kind of food poisoning that causes severe dehydration (NCBI)

Cytomegalovirus (CMV): this is a virus infection from a "member of the herpesvirus family" (Medline Plus).

Candidiasis: an infection of the mouth and tongue (Mayo Clinic).

Cryptococcal meningitis: this is an inflammation of those membranes and the fluid that is found around the human brain and the spinal cord (Mayo Clinic).

Wasting syndrome: body weight is reduced by at least 10% and aggressive treatment must be applied to this syndrome (Mayo Clinic).


Currently the disease Tuberculosis is found mainly in third world countries and among populations of HIV patients. The Salmonellosis Enterocolitis can be transmitted through food or water -- or from eating uncooked eggs -- and hits HIV patients because their immune systems are flawed and weakened. Salmonellosis Enterocolitis causes abdominal pain and it makes the HIV patient very ill with chills and fever and bad diarrhea.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV): many people have Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in their bodies but their healthy immune system (which HIV sufferers don't have) tends to keep the Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in a non-active, non-dangerous form. It can cause eye damage, problems with a person's digestive system or…

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