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Ever wanted to know about sex or how porn might impact your relationship or sex life? Michael Shelton MS, LPC is a the author of a number of books on topics ranging from multiculturalism to homosexual culture—and he is also a frequent contributor to Psychology Today, where he blogs about sex, sexuality, relationships, and other issues related to the language of love. This paper will review Shelton’s blog, which is named Sex Life of the American Male: How new technology, new mores, and current events impact male sexuality. It will identify common themes found in the blog, how well the information is presented, how accurate it is, and how interesting it is to read—which is very.

Background and Credentials of the Blogger

Shelton’s bio on Psychology Today describes him as “a writer, therapist, and educator focused on male sex and sexuality issues” (Shelton, 2018)—but there is more to say about Shelton’s credentials than just that. His books include: Boy Crazy: Why Monogamy is So Hard for Gay Men and What You Can Do about It, Secret Encounters: Addressing Sexual Behaviors in Group Settings, and Multiculturalism in Camps and Youth Programs: How Us and Them Became Just Us. Is profile indicates that he has a website, but clicking on the link takes one to a dead domain that is up for sale—not a good sign. The other link takes one to a website called Equilibria: Psychological & Consultation Services. Here you can schedule an appointment at the Philadelphia clinic. Scrolling down the page will let you meet the therapists working at this facility and Michael Shelton is one of them: his profile on this site lists him as Michael Shelton, MS, CAC, and states that he has been in the field for almost 30 years. He also lists his credentials and the fact that he is the author of three self-help books, one of which won a “best book of the year” award by the Independent Book Publishers Association. He also notes that he is recognized as an expert in male psychological concerns by Psychology Today. Since that is case, it is time to get back to his blog.

The Blog

Shelton’s blog has been around since 2011, and while he is not a frequent contributor (he only has two posts so far for 2018, and he only had three posts for all of 2017), he is at least a consistent contributor (his output for the blog is steady—he has never been one to throw up short little blurb posts every few days or weeks). The themes he has covered include pornography (for example, its effect relationships, on mental health, whether porn addiction is a real problem, and so on), technology and dating (i.e., the impact of cell phones on romantic relationships), bisexuality and masturbation.


The theme of pornography is covered by Shelton in an academic way. For example, he routinely covers what other researchers have found in their research or explains what the DSM-V says about porn addiction. In most cases he does not offer up a personal opinion but simply restates what researchers in the field are finding. On the issue of how pornography impacts relationships, he examines a couple of research articles where the researchers conducted studies of how men and women use pornography and how it impacts their lives. He lets their findings speak for themselves. In this way, I feel that Shelton is generally spot on, as he mainly reiterates what other researchers have said. He is not trying to be persuasive but rather informative. Most of his blogs are constructed in this manner: he wants to pass on what he has read and help to inform others on topics that not many people may talk about. The aim here is to provide clarity where there is confusion and to base it on fact rather than fiction or personal conviction and opinion. That is why Shelton references the studies and cites them: he wants to show the reader where this information is coming from. It is a helpful way to pass on knowledge and all of the information he passes on in this manner correlates with what has been learned in class.

The theme of technology is treated in the same manner. Shelton examines what other researchers have found about the topic and provides the reader with a brief synopsis of their findings and what they mean. There is no personal opinion provided, just the…

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