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Whereas the other functions of management focus on methods, and operations, and policies, and organizational structure, leadership pertains exclusively to people. Management also includes various functions that relate to personnel, such as the establishment of hierarchical structure, and supervisory policies and practices. However, even in these personnel-oriented functions, management and leadership are substantially different.

Leadership includes the use of specific styles (such as transactional, charismatic, transformational, and servant leadership). On one hand, certain leadership styles have proven to be more appropriate or likely to be successful in specific types of organizations and industries; on the other hand, leadership style is ultimately a matter of choice and any leadership style could (at least in principle) be used in any organization. However, management functions are largely determined by the nature of the industry and the processes required for organizations to function properly in given industries. Therefore, unlike leadership style, approaches to business management are not as flexible or capable of being applied as a matter of choice. In fact, of the four traditional functions of management, leadership is the only function that could vary tremendously from organization to organization without necessarily undermining the success of the organization. By contrast, the other management functions (i.e. planning, organizing, and controlling) are much less capable of being implemented with as much variation among organizations within the same industry with comparable levels of organizational success.

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