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Aesthetic needs are met by creating a wholly bicycle-centric environment. It is aesthetically important for cycling geeks to be immersed in such as environment. Lastly, self-actualization needs are met in that the employees are encouraged to set their own course in their employment. The environment is such that the other needs of the employees are met to such a degree that they have the freedom to pursue the path of self-actualization within the context of the bicycle store.

2) Herzberg's Two Factor Theory suggests that job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction are independent of one another. He explains that job satisfaction arises from motivators, such as recognition and


Job dissatisfaction arises from a different set of factors, such as company policy, interpersonal relationships, and money.

At Wheelworks, several motivators are at work. The floor staff are motivated by the learning they experience at the educational seminars; the satisfaction they get from helping spread their passion for cycling to the customers; and from the sense of recognition they share when the store is recognized as being one of the best - that feeling that they are a part of what makes Wheelworks the best. The hygiene factors at Wheelworks are the salary and benefits program, which are strong relative to the retail industry; the company's policy of not paying commission, which is a policy the employees seem to prefer because it creates a more comfortable working environment; and the interpersonal relationships, which are a strength given the hiring practices that ensure everybody shares a common enthusiasm for cycling.

3) the love of the work is the strongest motivator at Wheelworks. However, it is not the strongest motivator for most people. The love of work motivates individuals

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