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¶ … Manager Position

Recruitment Advertisement

Calidad Coches Company: Site Manager Positions Advertisement (Belizean Sites)

Do you want to work is a diverse, dynamic, and competitive environment?

Would like to join an organization which is a leading innovator in the marketing of quality cars in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico?

Do you have the drive to play a role in leading our organization towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of globalization?

We are a Mexican organization operating in the context of Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. We are an investment-owned organization with a dynamic attitude of valuing our people, their safety, and working environment. Recognized as leaders in the industry of operation, our organization has the ability to deliver quality in customer service, corporate social responsibility, and effective and efficient workplace culture which people choose to stay and deliver. Our organization focuses on utilization of speedy operations in the generation of positive cash flow with the aim of maintaining the financial stability of the company. We believe in the maximization of the teams and development of collective goals and targets towards the achievement of competitive advantage within the context of the industry and market of operation. The organization aims at enhancing its global operations thus the need to expand the operations and productivity levels without compromising the quality delivery to the consumers. We aim at addressing the needs and preferences of our consumers in relation to the expansion of the service area. This is achievable through service territory enabling the organization to offer our consumers the exceptional service for maximization of the available opportunities.

Who are you? You are an outcome focused person, professional with adequate or developed time management and people skills. You possess excellent communication skills, effective and efficient customer service ethic, ability to execute diverse roles (multi-task), and elements of enthusiasm in relation to


This relates to the ability to execute or perform duties with reference to the demands of the new position. You are available for an immediate start and possess your own transport. You are capable of working in a culturally-diverse environment in accordance with the demands of the new position. You operate effectively and efficiently in the context of groups and teams for the realization of the common goal. You are goal oriented professional with the ability to work under minimal supervision.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

As a site manager at Calidad Coches Inc., you will have:

Minimum of 5 years experience in operations management in any significant firm across the globe

Minimum of three years experience in the Accounts Payable and Receivable (significant)

Proven history in site management

Experience in data entry, analysis, and interpretations

Advanced use of the Windows Office Suite (Excel preferable)

Experience in developing procedures, banking, and general site routines

Ability to learn and integrate the organization's software towards maximization of the resources and operations

Effective communication skills

Personal transport (advantage)

Quality human resource management techniques and development mechanisms

Ideal strategy on the way to implement your plans and management mechanisms

Specific Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

As the site manager at Calidad Coches Inc., you will execute the following roles, duties, and tasks:

Overseeing operations at various Calidad locations where consumers pick-up and return vehicles

Focuses on the utilization of the available opportunities towards expansion and achievement of global targets and goals

Organization, development, and implementation of procedures in relation to daily operations at the Calidad locations

Enhancing working environment and maximization of the welfare of the employees within the site

Interpretation and implementation of quality policies towards enhancing the management of the operations in the relevant sites

Facilitating effective and efficient communication with the consumers thus enabling the organization to overcome language or cultural barriers

Working with vital groups within the site for the achievement of the common goals and objectives in relation to expansion or globalization

Oversee effective security and safety of the products and resources in the context of the sites or locations under jurisdiction

Rewards: There are seven site manager positions up for grabs. These are full time position with your remuneration commensurate with the qualifications and level of experience. You may be required or requested to work overtime, payable at penalty rates. In addition to these rewards, you have the opportunity to execute the roles, obligations, and duties as part of safe, innovative, and flexible workplace or environment.

If you believe you are the right person to…

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