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Grooming not only helps in zeroing in on external parasites and skin wounds, and does not allow fur to fall on furnishings, it also helps in spending a good quality time establishing a quality time with the feline friend. In case of shorthaired cats, one can use a metal comb which is fine-toothed on a weekly basis and a rubber brush or natural bristle to eliminate the traces of dead hairs. ("Grooming Cats," n. d.) ii) Price:

It is important to note that quality and price are the two most vital needs of a balanced marketing mix and hence either one in the absence of the other is most definitely to fail. At the time of fixing the pricing structure it has to be ensured that one squares off his overhead, including a profit and compare with other companies offering a same dog grooming service. In order to do this, one need to tune the pricing structure to attain the objectives at the time, a lot of alternatives are open before the groomer at the time of addressing this pricing issue. ("Marketing and Promoting a Dog Grooming Salon / Business," n. d.)

Loss leader: Under this, a strategy of lowering the prices on chosen breeds, styles, products and services are restored to in order to give the customers a chance to purchase. Discounts on prices, often in the form of discount vouchers can be employed to draw customers to try a dog grooming service when they alternatively might not have had any factor to change from a present supplier. Keeping in touch with local dog breeders is invariably a good marketing move, and one can offer discounts as an introductory step to owner of puppies which they are going to sell. ("Marketing and Promoting a Dog Grooming Salon / Business," n. d.)

Introductory Pricing: This practice is often resorted to when launching a brand new product or a service within the market and it would not be familiar and the client might not have given a try for the same. Preferential pricing is a perfect means of offering the new dog grooming services to a lot of potential customers. The manner in which the new service is introduced requires thorough consideration, inclusive of its pricing and perceived value and the linked promotion. When this exercise is undertaken, it has also to be ensured that one also gives the non-promotional price to highlight the savings as also conditioning the customer for the true value during the end of the promotional period. ("Marketing and Promoting a Dog Grooming Salon / Business," n. d.) lot of time when a customer calls, the most important thing which he asks is amount of fees that is charged by the pet groomer. This cannot be stated offhand as no two animals are alike in their appearance. A lot of things have to be considered before committing a price. These are size of the pet, overall condition of the coat, frequency of grooming, the temperament of the pet while it is being groomed, and the net time devoted in the entire process. Grooming prices can be fixed at $75 for an hour for a mobile grooming business. Normally it is seen that market rates for grooming salons are around $40 for an hour which is the actual time the pet is being worked upon and not the complete visit while they are in a kennel or kept waiting to be picked up. Each and every pet is unique in its own right and this has to be understood by every pet owner. A mobile pet groomer can maintain its low pricing structure and simultaneously make use of only the highest quality grooming products and equipments. ("Pawsitive Pet Grooming," 2007)

In marketing parlance, pricing is considered as a part of the overall marketing mix, together with Promotion, Place or distribution, product - the product or service that is being offered. Writings in marketing textbooks, all lay emphasis that it is crucial to view price in this perspective instead of in isolation. In case, client are availing any service, one could think of changing the service and the manner in which the same is provided, evaluating the manner that the employee are dealing with the service, promoting the service in a more effective manner or changing the price. According to Philip Kotler, marketing management expert who has written widely regarding marketing of services and also on marketing in non-profit organizations has rechristened the P's of the Marketing Mix as C's. (Kirsten, 1995)

Under this new system, the 'Price' assumes the role of 'Cost to the user'. This is a an important reminder that is applicable to the business of dog grooming which implies that user will look invariably at the money and energy they have devoted so as to use the service, and not just the part that is charged for. Hence, users might be ready to shell out some extra for availing a service which is delivered directly at their doorstep. This is because the overall cost to the customer becomes lower, instead of paying less and they themselves collect information. When there is a feeling that a change in strategy is required, it is important to get feedback from users and other potential users, instead of straightway arriving at conclusions. Nevertheless, when drawing up questionnaires or dealing with focus group, the issue of price is required to be dealt with in a proper manner. (Kirsten, 1995)

Quite a number of information brokers have remarked that what people state that they are ready to pay in theory ie. while replying to a pre-service questionnaire, sometimes does not match with the amount they are ready to part with in real practice. Apart from that, a lot of users might choose to say that he did not use the service on repeat occasion as he perceived the same to be more expensive instead of disclosing the actual cause. This is because it has been observed that the 'price' issue has reduced chances of being interrogated and challenged. Hence, a pet groomer might not directly question the extent to which people are willing to pay for. But it will be helpful to locate the range of services that are valued the most, and make an analysis of user needs and usage systems so as to find out what people would come forward to pay most for. The pricing strategy is required to be in tune with the overall mission of the organization, and reveal the financial goals. Besides, it will be a part of the marketing or business plan. The general advice regarding goals and mission applies here also. If the staff of the mobile grooming business does not swear by the objectives, they might not strive to support them. (Kirsten, 1995) iii) Place (Distribution):

Place or distribution implies where the pet groomer will be offering to sell his products to his customers. A mobile dog groomer will be offering his services directly to the customers without any distribution chain or through any third party. Since his objective is to work mobile or offering a home collection and delivery service, in this case the van should have to be in a good shape containing the details of the business. Doing this in a professional manner, will not just appear good, it will give a mobile billboard advertisement for the business. It has to be made certain that the Telephone number and the website address if available are stated. ("Marketing and Promoting a Dog Grooming Salon / Business," n. d.)

Mobile grooming can be carried out outside the home or workplace. The vans that will be used must be having warm water hydro bath, a table for grooming along with the required equipment so as to provide the dog the same type of bath, cut and blow-dry which he might be getting at the grooming salon or shop. During the winter months, the vans can be heated to keep the dog warm. In this manner, a mobile van serves the customer better as when the groomer arrives, it is a completely new experience for the dog. This eliminates the need to leave the dog at the salon for several hours struck in a cage and enveloped by noises and other barking dogs. The mobile van can visit dog and cat owner's home in their own clean and heated vans. Thereafter they acclimatize themselves with the pet and the service that is needed. Subsequently the dog can be taken inside the van in which it receives constant care by one of the qualified groomers. The owner can also accompany his pet if he so desires. ("Dog washing and grooming outside your home -wherever you live," 2007)

The service starts with a brushing so that any knots and presence of loose hair are loosened. This follows with a trimming of the nails. The dog is also examined…

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