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Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is based off National Emergency ID (2011) who coined the idea of having tattoos for children in case they need to call their parents or for someone to contact them if he or she should get lost. A person is able to grasp ways in which understand what the current market is for this particular product as well as the company itself. Furthermore, one will understand the competition, marketing strategy and mix as well as the necessary controls needed.

Situation Analysis A. Background on Organization

The background of the organization is important. "Child Safety Tattoo" was invented to meet the needs of its consumers by helping parents to become at ease with what is going on in the world in regards to criminal activity. After hearing much concern from parents who have to deal with predators on a regular basis who want to snatch away their loved ones; one can become proactive in order to help the child to learn his or her number, or to have someone that is trustworthy contact the parents on their behalf to make the phone call for them. B. Market Needs

The marketing needs are important when it comes to child safety. Since criminal activity continues to increase, then so does the need because of it. People want to know that their child is safe when he or she is at school or at a friend's house. This will help parents to become at ease, and if he or she knows their number, or if anyone sees it when the child is lost, then the parent is relieved to know that everything is okay with him or her. Eventually, a number of companies will catch on and come up with some other means in which to meet family's needs by coming up with something with safety in it, which will make it a huge product in major demand for consumers to purchase.

C. The Market

1. Market Demographics

The market demographics consist of married and single parents who are seeking ways in which to keep their child safe. These range from age fifteen to sixty five from all backgrounds and cultures.

2. Market Trends

Current market trends are worth mentioning. "In the market of 0- to 5-year-olds, competition with imports is very strong and the birth rate is dropping in most of the western world" (Baby Shop Magazine, 2011). Additionally, "today's family dynamic is the increased presence of the father and his involvement in child rearing" (Baby Shop Magazine, 2011). Five basic attitudes are prevalent among parents and their children. They prefer a product that has "mobility, autonomy, respect, celebrations and parties and today's generation is the cosmic generation" (Baby Shop Magazine, 2011). 3. Market Growth

The market growth is worth noting when it comes to child safety. For example, since parents desire for their child to stay safe, they will do anything possible to make it happen. Not only that, but since there are more than 7 billion people in the world, a mother or father has to seek ways in which to make him or her feel safe in any environment. This means that an individual and in any location the child is at, the parent will want to know if he or she is okay by making a simple phone call, or to find out if something needs done to remedy any situation that could have occurred without him or her present. Through these efforts, much growth is possible. 4. Microenvironment D. The Company 1. Mission

The mission of Child Safety Tattoo is to have an alternative to safety by protecting children from strangers. He or she will feel empowered by knowing their home phone number to contact their parents or to have a trustworthy individual do it for them if he or she cannot read. Through this, mothers and fathers will feel relief knowing that their children are safe. 2. Product/Service Offering

The product that is offered is that of a tattoo that is much like a wrist band. A person is able to stick on their child on their ankle wrist or shoulder. The individual is able to have up to twenty, thirty or fifty available upon purchase on the Internet. 3. Positioning

The positioning of this company is located in New York, New York. This is in order to reach millions of individuals at once, and make it easier to reach more on the World Wide Web for the use of mass marketing efforts. 4. SWOT Summary: a. Strengths

Here is the strengths for Child Safety Tattoo Company. These include location mass marketing efforts, location, creativity, and the opportunity to become a global phenomenon in order to reach the needs of parents worldwide. b. Weaknesses

The weaknesses are important. For example, the organization is not reaching those that are thirteen years of age or younger. They are most likely using poor management skills and having a high turnover rate. Each of them is not keeping up with supply and demand well; therefore, not coming up with additional products or substitutes to stay current with the trends available. c. Opportunities

The opportunities are as follows. For example, a person can make a plethora of tattoo stickers for their children. He or she can also have a creative arts team in designing a variety of them that are available to put on the market. Furthermore, the marketing team can use a worldwide effort and go to other markets that have never heard of it by using differentiation. An increase of revenue will occur because of it. d. Threats

Many threats are possible. A number of child safety seats are available for parents to purchase that are on the market today. Furthermore, all retailers that make children's products are those that can become extreme competition. The Internet can become a threat because of how many companies utilize it on a regular basis. e. Trends

"Under 1/3 of all girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years" (Pregnant Teen Help, 2011). At least 750,000 teenagers get pregnant every year. Nevada is considered the highest rate of teenage births in the United States. 24% of those that are unmarried teenagers that have children. 67% of teenagers will have a child before graduating from their local high school (Pregnant Teen Help, 2011). Many of them end up in poverty; whereas, "billions of dollars are spent taking care of teenage mothers, and milliosn of dollars are spent in prevnetion programs" (Pregnant Teen Help, 2011). 5. Historical Results

The teenage birth rate is an increasing issue that did not begin to become a major issue in society until the 1980's to the present. This is due to the fact that God is not allowed in the school setting which makes it to where morals are becoming obsolete (Pregnant Teen Help, 2011). E. Competition 1. Direct Competition

A number of competitors are available at this time for child safety tattoos. A number of companies do this, such as SafetyTat, My Precious Kid, WhoTats and so forth. At least fifty organizations or more exist that are in direct competition with "Child Safety Tattoo." 2. Indirect Competition

For those that "Child Safety Tattoo" has indirect competition with is worth noting, so that they can figure out ways in which to handle what other industries are out there. These include those that are with hospitals and the government.

Section III: Marketing Strategy A. Value Proposition

Here is my proposition for the value of my product. I recommend that "Child Safety Tattoo" do the following. We offer not only tattoos for children but that it is also available for older adults who are age 65 on up. However, with this differentiation, no one could compare the value of having it available for all ages.

B. Critical Issues

The critical issues are worth mentioning. Many will question the integrity of having it available to those who are elderly when many of them are in nursing homes or having home health care. The media will notice that customers and a number of people might become disinterested because they thought it was only for children. As a result, the demand may increase because of the possibility that the non-market issues were not thoroughly addressed well enough when the company was established.

C. Financial Objectives

The financial objectives are important with "Child Safety Tattoo." One, the customer needs to have the product at the fair market price. Two, the company will stay current and price according to economic trends. Three, the organization will consider what is needed in order to get the product sold without breaking any kind of marketing objectives in the process.

D. Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives are crucial. We as a company will pay attention to the supply and demand of our tattoo and adjust prices and demand accordingly. Focus groups will occur when considering adding new products to our line. Our organization will pay attention to what consumers are wanting and…

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