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As a catering manager a transplant hospital, describe factors influence people work place behave-based explain apply recognized theory motivation (Abraham Maslow) team improve performance.

Maslow: The hierarchy of needs

The theorist Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of needs to describe what individuals sought out of life. The first level of the Maslow hierarchy is made up of basic needs, like food, shelter and clothing. The second level consists of the need for security, including fear of bodily harm. After that need is satisfied there a third need for belonging and social acceptance, followed by a fourth need for esteem (approval from other people). Only after these needs are met is a person capable of satisfying the highest-level need of self-actualization, or achieving a higher purpose in life (Maslow's hierarchy of needs, 2010, Honolulu College).

This is important to remember when managing a workplace because a critical aspect of Maslow's theory is that...


A good example of this is a company that tries to get away with paying its workers substandard wages and marginal benefits, yet tries to use inspiring slogans to motivate the employees to perform at a high level. Employees will not be able to focus upon their tasks and perform them in an effective fashion if they are hungry, or worried about the safety of the workplace -- and the fact that they have no health insurance.

The catering division of a healthcare facility, it could be argued, has an additional moral obligation to ensure that worker's basic needs are met. It is supposed to provide food for and improve the health of patients. Showing a lack of concern for its own employees' basic welfare subverts its purpose as an organization. To better achieve its objectives, ensuring employees are provided with a fair wage and basic healthcare is essential. Allowing…

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