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Masters program in leadership studies somewhat naturally. I have direct experience in leadership and experience in being a part of a team. I have a background in the military, providing service for my country via the United States Army. I am a SGM. As part of my military preparation, I am a part of the UTEP Masters of Leadership Program. My military career extends over two decades, and within that time, I have had a number of leadership opportunities as well as opportunities to serve underneath great leaders. Through my own leadership experience, as well as the experience of working under a strong leader, I naturally gravitated toward a masters program in leadership studies.

Leadership is a vital skill in no matter what a person's career choice or educational plan may be. Therefore, leadership studies applies to me on a personal level, a career level, as well as an academic level. My career path will be directly related to leadership studies, and the potential for effective leadership to change the course of a person, a group, an organization, and even a country. Leadership for me is not something that we can evade. Within every situation, whether social situations, professional, or otherwise, there is always a leadership position. I see the potential for the application of my leadership skills and my leadership studies nearly everywhere I turn.

I believe that the experience of the masters program in leadership has been comprehensive and modern. I have had the chance to learn in normative education and online education. The 21st century has seen a great deal of innovations, particularly in education. I feel that this leadership graduate program is a fine example of the modern approach to education, particularly graduate education. It is necessary for students and professionals to be well versed in the use of digital and information technologies as part of their education and in preparation for whatever career path they choose in the future.

Being in a classroom is somewhat similar to being in an army unit. There is a hierarchy, each person plays a role, success depends on a clear objective and group cooperation, although the training in the army prepares one for a different set of situations. Yet, both the military and a degree program is a form of education and demonstrate a commitment to one's personal growth.…

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