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Having recently graduated from this fine educational institution, I now find myself in a position of applying for acceptance into the MBA program offered by the same university. I enthusiastically submit my name for consideration of that acceptance. Knowing that I will receive the finest education available is one reason why I am submitting my name. I know that the education offered to me through the MBA program will be the finest based on my previous experiences as a student at the University. As a student, my professors and administrators ushered me along a path of growth and enhancement.

My education at the University was not only enhanced by the excellent faculty but I was able to establish long and lasting friendships with other students as well. I was also able to become a member of two college business organizations and served as an officer for the finance association for one of my final semesters there. Through my University experiences I was introduced not only into the professional world in which I sought entry, but into the world of a University family as well. Continuing that experience with acceptance into the same University's Graduate Program is one that I anticipate with great expectations.

After graduating from the University, I was able to take what I had been taught, return home to Africa and begin my career in Finance. As the Finance Officer for a local firm over a three-year period, I was able to assist in the developing and monitoring of real estate pricing and communicating those prices to interested parties. I also prepared and assisted in the preparation…

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