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Some of the topics addressed by Einstein in his writings include his views on government, education, human morality and social ethics. One of the most interesting areas addressed by Einstein is his personal beliefs about the existence of God and the merits of theistic religion in human society. Besides the fact that his intellect alone makes his philosophical beliefs (about almost anything of consequence) relevant, the fact that Einstein's scientific accomplishments imply certain conclusions in connection with the notion of a timeless God makes his writings especially relevant. In fact, any Internet search of the terms "Einstein" and "God" will reveal that much has been made by proponents of theistic religion of a statement of Einstein that "God doesn't play dice with the universe." Other Internet references suggest that Einstein once suggested that only a divine actor could ever have designed a structure as complex as the human eye.

Research Questions Driving this Inquiry

1. What did Albert Einstein believe about the existence of God?

2. What did Albert Einstein believe about religion as a source of morality in society?

3. What did Albert Einstein believe religion contributed to human social history?

4. What type of ethical or moral values did Einstein advocate?

5. What was Albert Einstein's philosophy or life?

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