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10) Any costs or fees associated with the ministry

CMC is founded as a faith ministry and as a result will charge absolutely no fee for its mediation programs. Nor will we accept any private funds for the work we put in. On the contrary, we intend to request for travel as well as accommodation funds to be paid for by those families who wish to seek our help, once the mediation programs have been started. These funds are to be gauged on a case to case basis. Furthermore, both travel and accommodation may be organized as well as funded for by the family asking for mediation, or perhaps organized by CMC and subsequently funded via a donation procedure (Winslade and Monk, 2000).

11) How staff (mentors or mediators) will be selected, trained, and supervised

It has been observed multiple times that, mediator who is successful, has a track record of flawless mediating. Bearing this in mind, CMC will ensure that while choosing a mediator, mediator's past track record will be seen more closely. This will ensure successful mediating. Now, given below are all the features and traits which CMC HR manager should think about while the selection and interviewing session:

Interactional skills

Well placed in community

Being a trustworthy and capable person

Being impartial

Noticing signals from parties

Being an expert in law

Being an expert in cross cultural disputes

Civil cases experience

Below given is a rough framework for choosing a mediator. CMC must ensure that designing a competent structure is integral for efficient hiring and must reflect CMC's vision and aims at hand (Spencer and Altobelli, 2005)

1: While selecting candidates:

Mediator experience

Mediator training

Civil court experience

2: Interviewing

Interactional and professional skills

Listening ability

Vocal and non-vocational interactional skill

Solving problems

Defining and solving issues


3: Hiring the candidate at last:

HR manager will be conducting the training sessions and overseeing the aims and objectives of CMC's mission being imparted dutifully. They must ensure that program's mediator are subjected to cut throat training and being neutral in worst case scenarios is of imperative concern in order to solve issues underlying. Apart from that, the employees involved in training will give their pointers and feedbacks with respect to candidates. The program must ensure that all the necessary points, tips and techniques are imparted along with scrutinizing each and every individual as a mediator (Spencer and Altobelli, 2005).

12) Catering to consent and secrecy issues

Having faith in CMC is important as far as successfully mediation is concerned. The reputation of the ministry is also at risk otherwise. Mediation leakages shouldn't occur, if they are to be done appropriately. The parties must trust the mediating party first. The reputation of the ministry is at risk as it tries to mediate between various parties. In this case, such leakages hamper the mediation program.

Ex-parte communication can certainly hamper the reputation of CMC. Mediations don't work without parties trust. Thus, CMC hosted mediation are to be top secret with monitoring open and supervision at all hours to ensure that confidentiality remains airtight (Cremin, 2007).

13) How the ministry will be connected with other community and Christian resources

CMC is well aware of the advantages of biblical directive of collaborating in a community. It is very happy to work with various companies and develop relations with them which can open a fresh pool of resources and expertise to highlight our vision. When needed, CMC will certainly indulge in forming alliances with companies and consultants who share and spearhead our vision (Cremin, 2007). In the beginning, CMC will...


They will be taught Christian coaching and biblical mediation methods. Peace Wise and CMC will work together in forming a peaceful environment for adults and parents alike (Cremin, 2007).

B: Highlight all the local contacts and potential references providing the key resources for a specific ministry focus:

At present, there aren't any ministries in operating in the designated area, offering the same services as we do. Thus, in carrying out this plan, we can always pinpoint the opportunities, vulnerabilities and strengths of CMC. In the next three years, we will focus on these four sectors (Cremin, 2007):

1: Governance / Directors board

2: developing friendly relations with schools, courts, community and government to raise case referrals (Cremin, 2007)

3: Creating and diversifying new programs for children only

4: Operational efficiency

For carrying out all four lines of action, CMC will definitely embark on a journey of unstoppable improvement, working tirelessly and intelligent partnership. Apart from that, we will also look if CMC is being useful to its community at hand. It should have a resilient infrastructure which can accommodate future and present programs. Apart from that, investing in staff is of primary importance as well (Cremin, 2007).

Potential contacts and local references can work very well for instance, assets, resources may comprise of buildings, equipment, institutions, organizations, people and everything, which can enhance the quality of the mediation programs in operation. Our resources include, mothers who assist in organizing games and competitions for community and adults who work after school, libraries which is a reading paradise for people providing internet at the same time. Parks for biking, jogging and exercising are all the resources that we supply to. They are the hallmark of our programs. Each person is an asset itself and people have different assets for building the community and our programs. Here, we have listed some potential references (Cremin, 2007):

Needs and demands in question

It's only logical and fulfilling to include the afflicted and concerned citizens in projects and seek their approval. They are well aware of the living conditions and changes required. Involving them in the planning process can certainly develop a plan that works for them and the community (Cremin, 2007).

Health services providers

The people in such organizations have deep knowledge and understanding of the society they reside in. These people and organizations matter a lot. They have a strong connection with their community. They are integral in helping and sharing knowledge and hiring relevant people for probable contribution (Cremin, 2007).

Government personnel

The appointed and rightly elected officials can always rise to the occasion and work hand in hand with the local community. They can assist in planning and execution phase, so that project reaches its completion and sees the daylight (Cremin, 2007).

People with influence

These consist of people who are the leaders in their domains due to their positions for instance, presidents, college, hospital directors, big companies and corporate CEO's to name a few. They command respect in their occupations for that matter. The doctors, clerks, professors and judges are also included here. These people are concerned citizens who have integrity, intelligence and goodwill to distinguish them (Cremin, 2007).


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