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The myth of Perseus and his beheading of Medusa tells an adventurous tale that presents many meanings and interpretations. One interpretation deals with the hero Perseus conquering his inner female psyche on his way to understanding the ways of wisdom as represented by Athena. The purpose of this essay is to examine Perseus' quest in these terms of a rite of passage through the feminine mindset. This essay will describe his relationship with his mother, Athena, the Gray Sisters and finally Medusa as he Perseus finally realizes his lesson.

The story of Perseus must be understood in terms of the feminine mind. Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, provides the hero with ample challenges to meet her standards. The Greeks understood their myths to help them live and learn important lessons during their journey. Perseus' story has great practical value because it identifies the unique circumstances that the exchange between male and female provides. Athena represents the internal struggle to understand the feminine forces in the universe and Perseus is used as the male navigator to contextualize the qualities of both.

Perseus impulse to hunt down Medusa does not seem very rational. His mother is to be wedded to a King and for some reason, Perseus does not agree. This over attachment to motherly love demonstrates the first real quality of the female. Motherhood is how we all first understand what this side of life is about.

As Perseus continues to find his prey so he can avenge his mother's suitor, he encounters the Grey Sisters. These hideous hags are old, decrepit and cunning. Perseus, must visit these three sisters to gain information that will increase his power. The Grey Sisters represent a woman's tendency to be difficult and ugly for Perseus. Their limiting attitude is represented by…

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