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meeting class, wrote subject relationship violence media (attached 'First Paper') . When revisit thoughts, changed? How materials semester complicated, deepened, reinforced, transformed understand relationship violence media, sense matters? Draw SPECIFIC articles terms concepts materials show process development.

Violence in relationship with the media

While society has experienced significant progress during recent years, the masses continue to be obsessed with diverse concepts such as sex and violence. The media exploits people's obsessions by using these respective concepts whenever it gets the chance to do so. While there is much controversy with regard to the effect that this has on the masses, it is generally accepted that many have trouble filtering information and are negatively affected as a consequence of being bombarded with information promoting violence.

While many are inclined to say that the media simply provides society with stories that have nothing to do with the real world and that cannot possibly influence someone, reality is very different. "In this way, interaction -- such as conflict of sexual attraction -- is never simply interaction between individuals, but always involves the social principles that the characters represent." (Wright Structure of the Myth 120) Violence in the media can thus work in ways that make it difficult for the masses to actually be able to understand it. People are not simply provided with an interesting story, as they are also seeing ideas that they come to identify with. This can make many individuals feel that it would be perfectly acceptable for them to replicate behaviors they see in the media. The media provides people with the impression that socially acceptable behaviors can involve much more violence than one would be inclined to believe. Many are actually likely to believe that real life is actually much harsher than life as it is presented in the media.

A great deal of media environments in the present can put across harmful messages through the information they contain. Matters are amplified by people's failure to complexly understand the situation they are in and to refrain from being negatively affected by the information they are processing. Institutions like the Classification and Rating Administration have attempted to devise strategies meant to have certain types of information reach certain types of people. However, these strategies have a limited effect on how people understand information, as even though age is an essential factor in getting a person to improve his or her ability to filer data he or she interacts with, the respective individual can also have trouble coping as a result of the nature and the amount of violence he or she sees.

The idea of morality has come to be especially divisive in the contemporary society, as even though people today seem to know much more with regard to it than they knew in the past, they have trouble putting across moral attitudes. Many behaviors have become socially acceptable in spite of the fact that they are in disagreement with moral ideas. It seems that the general public is supportive toward such controversial ideas and feels that they are an active part of society as a whole.

Especially when considering children, a great deal of people have the tendency to believe that parents are in charge of controlling the information they receive and that things are likely to be ok as long as tutors have authority over what their children are seeing. However, the reality is that certain media devices have taken things too far by creating mediums that contain too much violence in order for someone to be able to filter it. The recently appeared GTA 5, for example, contains scenes of extreme violence and even though it is rated 18, there are numerous underage individuals who play the game. This makes it possible for the masses to comprehend the gravity of the situation, as it is practically inevitable for children not be have access to scenes of extreme violence.

When considering that some scenes in the video game have players pouring flammable liquid over victims and pulling out their teeth, it would be absurd to claim that anyone seeing these scenes is likely to imitate them. Scenes like this can have devastating effects on an adult, not to mention the effects they can have on a child. However, with the recent advance of technology the difference between reality and the virtual world has become less noticeable and the images have become more graphic. "Alison Sherratt, president of the Lecturers and Teachers Association, insists such extreme violence should not be included in video games." (Bagot)

The case of Gray Allan Ormandy is especially intriguing when regarding violent video games and the effect they can have on people. Ormandy brutally attacked his partner in front of the couple's three children consequent to the moment when she expressed disproval toward him playing GTA 5. Even though it would be difficult to determine the exact extent to which Ormandy chose to use violence against his wife as a result of being influenced by the game, the fact that the aggressor's lawyer claimed that he is an exemplary father and partner somewhat paints a picture of a normal man who was no longer able to distinguish between real life and a game when coming across a situation when it was essential for him to do so.

While GTA 5 is expressly directed at adult audiences, there are numerous other media programs that use violence and are directed at children. Disney's 1992 animated film Aladdin is especially important when addressing this topic, considering that it contains a series of violent occurrences and it is aimed at child audiences. From the very beginning of the film the character of Gazim informs Jafar that he managed to gather the things the latter wanted, but that this was only possible by slitting a few throats. Later on in the film Aladin is chased by guards and by police officers on account of stealing a loaf of bread. Again, the film puts across the feeling that extreme violence can be used in a series of cases, even in the situation of a person stealing some bread.

Jasmine's attempt to steal an apple with the purpose of giving it to a homeless person further contributes to the idea that violence is the solution to many problems. The shop keeper tells her that the punishment for stealing is to have her hands cut off. The town in Aladdin is a really scared place for someone to be, but what is more disturbing is that it gives the impression of a well-structured community -- one that is guided by a series of laws and one where individuals enforcing these respective laws see nothing wrong with using violence whenever they come across the chance to do so. Visions associated with living in the Middle East and with the attitudes characteristic to communities there often project themselves onto viewers from around the world. These people risk being influenced to develop stereotypes concerning individuals in the Middle East or to believe that the authorities need to employ much harsher punishments in order to prevent crimes from happening (Al-Taee 269)

The Cops TV-series is media devices showing fictional stories, as it actually portrays real-life police officers following criminals and using a series of means available with the purpose of catching them. One scene in the series shows a man having a coffee in a restaurant and then being brutally arrested as a result of refusing to leave when police officers tell him to do so. "The man is thrown on a sofa, his head twisted and jammed down while his arms are wrenched behind him." (Andersen 177) Viewers are thus left with the feeling that the authorities are entitled to perform such actions and that one should always act in accordance with their commands, regardless of the situation that the respective person is in.

The present-day society considers symbols to be one of the most important concepts and with the media seeing significant progress during recent years a series of symbols have started to be provided with wide appreciation. As people come across these respective symbols, many find it difficult to disprove of them and they practically end up supporting these respective symbols as they believe that this is going to assist them in integrating society more effectively. Violence has come to be considered something that is part of human nature and a tool that people can always use when this is needed. Expressing criticism with regard to violent thoughts has almost come to be regarded with disrespect and persons who refrain from using violence are often considered to be lesser men on account of their thinking.

All things considered, violence is regarded with appreciation by a great deal of individuals today and the media exploits this relationship. A series of media devices capitalize on using violence whenever they get the chance to do so and their ratings go up as a consequence.

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