Mercy Hospital, The Vice President Case Study

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Teamwork should be considered the highest priority. Assembling Swenson, Ryan and Samuels in a team context is a good first step towards mitigating the problems within the hospital. If these three personnel members can view themselves as a team, whose collective work benefits the hospital and its reputation, individualism and prejudice will no longer have a role in their work ethic. Regular team meetings will promote effective communication and allow them to discuss problems in an open and honest manner. Conflicts that may arise from each team member being in charge of certain departments can be mitigated by rotating these responsibilities on a weekly or monthly basis. This will also promote a better mutual understanding of the challenges faced by each team member.

In conclusion, the problem and its solution can be explicated by means of a question and answer sequence, as follows:

1. How can the


How can interdepartmental cooperation be improved?

Discuss priorities within the team context.

3. How can the hostility between nurses and physicians be mitigated?

Implement a paradigm of teamwork in each ward, with the duties and role of each nurse and physician clearly explicated.

4. How can the nursing shortage be addressed?

Implement and manage effective recruiting techniques via the context of the team. Implement training programs to improve nursing performance.


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