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We are also able to provide facilities for accommodation, transportation, and interim lodging. We are your Human Resource solution for each of these issues, and any others.

Contract Employment (Engineering, IT, Construction, Hospitality, and Logistics)

The 21st century has brought a number of innovations to the Asian-Oceanic region. Many of these innovations focus on engineering and workers who can handle more complex techniques, machinery, and processes; IT and software; transportation and logistics; and hospitality. We provide highly-qualified, competent manpower and engineering professionals to fulfill the high demand of organizations that specialize in a number of construction and production segments. We have six recruitment divisions to specifically handle manpower needs in the following areas:


MECHANICAL (Metal Stamping, Metal Fabrication, Precision, Plastic Injection)

Engineering expertise: Process, Tooling, Design Mechanical; CNC Machinists and Technicians.

ELECTRICAL (Electronics, Semiconductor, PCBA, etc.)

Engineering expertise: M&E, Instrument, R&D, Telecommunications, Testing, QA & QC


ONSHORE & OFFSHORE -- Engineering expertise in NDT, Welding, Drilling, Structural, Petroleum, and Chemical.

MARINE & NAVAL -- Architectural and Engineering professionals in Marine, Field, and Hull and Mooring Engineering, and; Naval Architecture


CIVIL -- Engineering expertise in: Project, site, Draftsman, Structural, Piping, QS, EHS, and more.


IT & SOFTWARE -- Engineers in MIS, Systems, IT, Software and Programming

HOTELS & HOSPITALITY- Management: Hotel, Resident, Hospitality

TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTIC -- Executive talent in Supply Chain Management, Shipping and Logistics, and Warehouse

Executive Search/Head Hunting

Realizing that time is a treasured resource, we have an Executive Search/Head Hunting Division that is focused on amassing the best talent globally for your organization's specific need. We believe that your potential employee is not a number or a body, but a true human capital solution. Using that paradigm we work from the view that in order for your organization to be successful, you need the right partner. This individual must understand your organization, the broad competitive environment, and most assuredly have the experience you require.

Because of our unique position and experience in numerous industries, we are able to search through hundreds of potential applicants before recommending any for your consideration. Our services are part of the strategic solutions to staffing, and you may be sure that our review and selection process is thorough and robust. We also work with your internal managers to define more specifically the type of individual you require, the tenure of the position, and what an "ideal" candidate would bring to the organization. Because we limit this services to industries with which we have expertise, the
...Instead, we help facilitate transportation and interview services, relocation, compensation and benefit negotiation, and even housing. Our services are cost-effective, professional, and allow for a degree of objectivity that benefits both parties, ensuring the best fit possible.

Interim Management and Contract Staffing

Not every position you need is long-term. We understand that there are many short and medium-term projects in which your organization needs extraordinary qualified individuals -- but for a single project. These projects may last from a few months to a few years, but all have a finite time frame. They can also be to fill an internal need due to illness, medical leave, or even to act as "change agents" or "implementation managers" who have a more objective view of your immediate needs. The same is true for contract staffing needs: specific individuals for a finite and specific need within your organization.

Typically, you might use these services to assist you in such issues as:

Identification and assessment of new departments or sluggish results

A factory move or implementation of a new system

Help to facilitate specific issues that are clogging your strategic or tactical abilities

Managing business transitions of all types

"Gap" staffing based on individual needs

Interim staff to help existing employees cope with large projects or timely emergencies

Supplementing staff during growth spurts, new product introductions, or deadlines

We have experience in a wide spectrum of business sectors, and are able to offer you trained and experienced staff who will be able to start the job under your time constraints and needs. In recent years, we have provided staffing in the following industries:



Business to Business


Consumer Goods




Food Processing



IT Management

Measurement & Control

OEM/Contract Management

Packaging & Shipping

JobPoint, Inc.

JobPoint is Malaysia's Leading Job, Executive Talent, and Contract Worker agency. We are a skilled and dedicated one stop shop in which both job seekers and employers can access a variety of sources designed to bring talent and need together. Recruiting in a global economy is costly, time consuming, and takes away needed resources from other projects. JobPoint's extensive network and talent databank is a way to optimize both time and dollars. The real power of our company is that we are able to offer so many divergent services; from interim staffing and management to permanent employees at all levels, including executive talent. We do this in a variety of industries that are both vital and growing in the Asian-Oceanic region. And, we are unique in that we do not just assist in the hiring of individuals. Instead, we provide logistical-based services such as housing, transportation, relocation, governmental requirements, and contract negotiations. JobPoint is your total human capital management system -- Call or write one of our professional consultants today and find out just how we can assist you in meeting your personal or organizational goals.

Features of JobPoint's Services

Benefits of Using JobPoint

All aspects of recruitment

Cost optimization

Management of external vendors and processes

Reduction in time and staff needs

Online applications, cutting -- edge industries

Time savings in extraneous tasks

Specific skill and level searching

Legal requirements for workers

Resume/Referee Management

Proven talent base

Interview management

Relocation services

Contract negotiations

Improved employee retention

Property Management

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