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Finally, you would want to discuss how these changes could affect school officials and their views on such efforts. Once you have spoken with all of the different stakeholders, you would then implement a strategy that will address of all their concerns, by utilizing all the various ideas from all parties. This supports the needs of the school board, by intelligently redrawing the boundaries and taking into account all of the numerous views. At which point, the chances increase that this strategy will be successful, because it addresses the different concerns and helps the school board to achieve it objectives (creating a win -- win situation for all parties).

How do ethics and culture affect your decision?

Ethics will determine how the redistricting experts will approach the issue. Where, they will take steps, towards finding the most agreeable solution for both parties. In this aspect, ethics would affect their decisions and actions, by trying to find the best strategy that will benefit all of the various parties. This is because many redistricting plans will often create: animosity and heated emotions. As the experts will assume that everyone will go along with their suggestions. This lack of ethics and respect for the different stakeholders; will cause the situation to become worse, as everyone feels that they have been short changed during the process. Once this occurs, it means that the odds increase dramatically that the plan and the issue itself could windup in court. A good example of this occurred, with the U.S. Supreme Court Case Reno v Shaw. Where, the court found, that any individual could challenge redistricting proposals, if they believe that race is a deciding factor in determining the boundaries. ("Key Supreme Court Cases for Civil Rights," 2010) This is important, because it shows how the experts, who are redrawing the boundaries for the school district, must take into account the views of everyone. Otherwise the proposal could be the subject of severe legal challenges, based upon the case precedent established in Reno v Shaw.

Given the fact that there is a legal case precedent, it is obvious that culture will


Yet, when you look a little further, it is evident that culture must always be taken into account for the school district. This is because many citizens of the community prefer sending their kids to the local schools, as they feel that the teachers and administrators; can help to reflect the various cultural values of the area. When you change the size and shape of the district, these factors could cause parents to become concerned, as they feel that their cultural heritage is being ignored. At which point, they could allege that some form of racial discrimination is occurring. When the redistricting experts are taking into account all of the different cultural factors, they are preventing various legal challenges to the plan. With their strategy addressing, the different cultural and specific needs of the community. In many ways, one could argue that this is the key, in being able to address the various concerns surrounding redistricting, as these fears could cause many people to become opposed to any changes. This is the biggest challenge that redistricting experts will face, when trying to create and implement any kind of strategy.

Clearly, the Miami school district needs to take into account the views of: the different stakeholders, ethics and cultural factors. These various elements will allow any kind of plan to face the least amount of legal challenges and it will help to increase the chances of it being accepted by the various stakeholders. As it will address; the different concerns of all sides, while providing an effective strategy forward. Once this takes place, it will create a workable solution that can be utilized in the future, to address the underlying issues of stakeholders.


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