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Dance Supervisor

Activity Description and Summary

The community involvement activity I participated in was supervising a my middle school's fall dance. This activity required me, along with several other peers, to monitor and regulate the dance activities. The dance lasted 3 hours and was held in the school gymnasium where I teach.

Program Outcome Rationale

The Program Outcome that most reflects this activity is School and Community Leadership. The outcome objectives are as follows for this selection:

Build strong community relations by modeling and promoting equity, fairness, and respect among faculty, staff, students, parents and community leaders.

Provide opportunities for stakeholders to develop and use skills in collaboration, shared decision making and responsibility for the purpose of maintaining a comprehensive program of positive home/school relationships.

Acknowledge and respect the goals, values, and aspirations of diverse family and community groups by engaging the support of business, philanthropic, political, social, and civic or faith-based organizations and other resources to enrich the school's


A school dance showcases the social skills of students and measures their ability to function in non-academic situations. The potential for new discovery is great in these types of social gatherings.

The social and emotional awareness that a community's children experience directly impact on that community in many ways. Elias et at (2003) agreed with the role of developing social skills as being integral in middle school education. They wrote " evidence is mounting from the field of brain-based research that the processes of learning, and especially retention with the flexibility needed for application in new contexts, is linked to social and emotional factors in students and in the teaching learning environment." This suggests that school leadership is essential in guiding this activity in the right direction.

In many ways the public school does not mirror society. In the real world such social activities like dances are much less coordinated and monitored and the individual has more…

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