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Mobile and Wireless Portal is a one of the top portals that is dedicated to providing technology-related news to readers all over the world. It is the digital version of the eWEEK magazine that discusses technology trends, latest apps, evaluations and business decisions that are made with technology as the underlying element. It provides comprehensive information about the world of technology and this has helped it to create a niche market for the magazine and its parent company.

Description of the portal's structure

The portal has a simple design that is appealing to readers. The core emphasis in this website is content and so the entire design revolves around the content that is published here. The site has been divided into numerous categories to make it easy for people to look up what they want quickly and effortlessly. The broad categories in the site include news, reviews, storage, security, desktops/notebooks, mobility, application development, blogs, techdirect, white papers and webcasts. Each of these categories have sub-categories for quick access to the news or information that you are looking for.


The main purpose of the website is to provide technology news and information to readers. It is aimed to complement its print version, though the most obvious difference is the speed at which information is available. Any technology-related event or news will get immediate mention and coverage in the website whereas the print version will gather all the pertinent information and it can be read only after it is printed and distributed at its schedule date. This makes the online portal an important means for the company to attract more and more readers.

Pros and Cons

The primary advantage of this website is the information that it provides to the readers. It is comprehensive and includes every aspect of technology. Moreover, it is segregated into different categories that make navigation easy. The content and the articles are well-written and is suited for readers with different levels of technical knowledge on a given subject. Another important advantage is the videos that provide a more detailed explanation of various concepts and this is definitely a great boon for beginners.

Probably, the only con in the website is the numerous advertisements that take up a good portion of each page. Though it does not interfere with the content in any way, it sometimes can be overwhelming.

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