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Resolving Moral Dilemmas Philosophically

In actuality, all of the five ways of resolving moral dilemmas utilize some aspect of the philosophical method. The five ways include obtaining objective information, providing definition clarity, adopting a code, using examples and counterexamples, and analyzing arguments. However, when determining which of those five ways actually embodies the philosophical method, one can successfully posit that all of them do except for adopting a code. There is a degree of subjectivity in this way of resolving a moral dilemma that is much less concrete (and more mutable) than the other four.

Of those four, the one that best embodies the philosophical method is analyzing arguments. Analyzing arguments actually reflects the crux of the philosophical method, which is generally based on analysis and formulating arguments to help resolve a moral dilemma. In fact, one can argue that most aspects of the other three methods (not including adopting a code) are comprised in this approach. Analyzing arguments generally includes some degree of obtaining objective information, providing definition clarity, utilizing examples and counterexamples. These different ways represent different facets of analysis of arguments which would be nothing without objective information, clear definitions, and examples.

Conversely, then, one can also posit the stance that the other three ways of resolving a moral dilemma embody the philosophical method because they are instrumental in forms of analysis


Obtaining objective information certainly fits this category. Without utilizing objective information, one is simply attempting to ameliorate a moral dilemma through the use of conjecture or, perhaps even worse, via dogma. One of the key aims of the philosophical method is to arrive at universal truths which are rooted in objectivity. In that respect, then, obtaining objective information plays a principal role in not only resolving moral dilemmas, but also in formulating various philosophical perspectives.

Attempting to resolve a moral dilemma by providing definition clarity certainly embodies the philosophical method. It does so by refining one's argument and helping to denote what specific aspects of it are objective. The relationship between this methodology and the philosophical method is apparent as providing definition clarity is a prerequisite for adopting a philosophical stance. Without unambiguous definitions, one again incurs the risk of merely vaguely postulating notions that transform in the different usages of the speaker. However, by accurately defining critical terms and their relationship extrinsic entities, one forgoes…

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