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What is it like to have enthusiasm? Does this come from within one person? Are outside influences important as well? Can it change someone's life? One will discuss motivation and provide examples as to how it impacts an individual on regular basis.

Intrinsic motivation is what comes from inside a person. For example, he or she is motivated to learn at school in order to get the best grade possible. This can make someone work hard at achieving their goals. If he or...
...In the long run, the individual may or may not get what it is they want despite having the drive. Extrinsic motivation is important as well.

When it comes to extrinsic motivation, a person looks outside of themselves in order to seek ways in which to do a better job at given tasks. For instance, if he or she is at work, and the goal is to make sure that their work area is clean every day. This is because the individual sees his or her co-workers doing the same, and this stimulates the individual to strive for better in their own…

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