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Imagination Learning

In this exercise of the imagination, I chose to simply imagine being another person. This is also called empathy as well The simple act of pretending to be another person has great value for those who practice this type of exercise. For me this experience allowed me to really place my awareness in someone else's mind. I tried to think about their world from their perspective and how things must be very different, yet at the same time very similar to my particular conscious view of the world.

For educational purposes, I believe the imagination is an essential part of development and children who do not use their imaginations are being held back in many ways. For educational leaders using this exercise of empathy, in which a student imagines being someone else can be very helpful in fostering positive attitudes about others and learning to respect others view points and opinions even if they


For example just having a ball of clay available, this creative art activity is much more of a non-creative act for children at this age. The ball of clay is purely a thing to be investigated and perhaps toyed with.

Putting that same ball of clay in the hands of an older child between the ages of 6-8, there is more of an expectation that something will be created. Sculpting clay has the ability to coordinate between the child's mind and their material expressions. It is simple, and allows the young student to freely demonstrate with little restrictions. These considerations support NAEYC's position on developmentally appropriate practice, because the intent that this activity represents is aligned with the tenets set out in their organizational principles and strategy.

Unit 3


Jacob's stage of art development is at the basic forms stage. His picture has some definite meanings and there is an intention. His picture is a self-portrait and demonsrtaes his awareness of his self and body. The forms represent an acute awareness of physicality and the material world, this depicts an understanding of the symbols of art and picture drawing.


As Kyrill and Kira at the Easel portrays, two students sharing a resource and using drawing as their selected art form. Both of these children are drawing definite shapes. Kira expressed her intent to draw a rainbow. Kyrill was more reserved as he drew his picture as Kira sang as…

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